• I dunno bro. 12th is coming up, and I dunno whether I'll be on PSU as long as I used to. But I'll try. What happened to you? Busy with life?
    It was okay. It was double elimination and I went 0-2 unfortunately. I had already well known that things are far different there then on PSN. It also didn't help that the stick I borrowed for it was messed up. I couldn't bring my own since they were playing on the 360 and mine isn't dual-modded yet. But even then dude I didn't care. I was just happy to be there so that I can observe in real time what seperates me from the guys who place top 8 at EVO.

    Oh and btw, I got the artwork and plexi in the mail on the same day as the tourney. I just haven't been able to paint my damned TE Stick since it's been raining balls outside ever since.
    *blush* I must say thank you! I think you are awesome as well. Xraein thinks you're the most beautiful person alive so there must be some truth to it.
    Haha what a kind and nice mentor you are, trying not to take my superiority over at MangaStream... =P

    Canada's still far away? I hope you go soon, because if you go in the October time, it'll start getting cold. September will be good, because the fall season is beautiful in that country.
    Just waiting on Art to ship my artwork +Plexi. I'm probably gonna paint my stick tomorrow so that everything will be dry before the artwork arrives. I couldn't find a blue spray to match my buttons so I had to settle for a more basic blue.
    It looks good. The only thing is that her image in the bottom right corner is kind of distracting. Maybe both of those side images of her needs to be blurred a little bit more.

    But yeah it's good all in all. It's Hatsune Miku, right? I seriously dunno anything about the character, even though I watch anime.
    Dude, it happened to me with that Venom and House sigs. I thought my Venom sig was awesome, but in my battle with MC, I was like hardly winning. And with that House sig, I felt like bleh, it looks so bland, just grey House and blue streaks. And believe it or not, I won 2 SOTW's with that. One here, and one on Manga Stream Forums. hahaha

    I guess what we percieve as good is not what others think of it as. Spider told me that once. Only us designers know how we did the design, but others only look at the final image.
    Seriously!! I think everyone who sees your sigs, are more than satisfied. Your sigs are like so good. haha

    But yeah, thanks for the advice.

    The three colour streak was something I wanted to do for a long time, and I thought I'll try it out on this piece. Yeah it's a little random, but I really wanted to do it. I can't even take it out now, because it's under so many layers. And apply image layers too.
    Ah yeah, true. But seriously bro, this is like the best piece I've done, and yet I find something lacking. I dunno what though.
    If expectations to anything are low, it'll be good/decent in the end. I went in expecting something big, and came out unhappy. haha

    Dude, I'm in a different country now for vacation. My PS3's back home in Dubai. I'm sorry, I just bought along my pc, and not the PS3. I won't be able to join you for the sidequests. Maybe once I come back, we'll play online.

    Also how's this sig? I just finished it a few minutes ago:

    Don't have problems with the design per say, but the .psd takes forever to load up. I can see all the layers you used, but the screen is black. Did it do this for you as well? I may or may not be impatient, but it's what I saw.
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