• Well Squaresoft's long dead and gone. We just have to wait and see if Versus is good or bad. Sega's VC was one in a blue moon. Just that rare game that struck gold.

    Hahaha. Enjoy Canada to the fullest bro! CN Tower and Sky Dome/Rogers Center are just some places I'd recommend to visit. Plus the 2nd last floor or something in CN Tower is made of glass or something, so it's quite beautiful.
    OOOH! Canada, eh? I'm guessing Toronto, then. Have fun, bro. It's an awesome country. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Do you think any of us are gonna stick with SE if Versus bombs? My last hope with SE is Versus. Let's see if they can keep up with our hopes. lol
    Hahaha. Now I understand why you feel summer's just summer. Are you going anywhere, that is if you do get some time off work?

    I still occasionally play 13 for the same reason you stated. I feel like I wasted so much on it for an non-understandable end. Versus, I lost faith in it until the recent scans. Seems good, so I'll wait. FPS after FPS was 360's forte. Now it seems even Sony's adopting that practice. hahaha

    Portal is cool. I wanna see where the story goes after killing her in the end of the end of the first game.
    No I played on-line for some-time, but after playing Demon's Souls onlinw, it just didn't click. Yeah online was the best part about the game. It was relatively better than the rest. I bought the game when it was new, so it must have been more than £14. More like £30.

    What do you mean you can't remember the last time you played a game with an awesome story? I'm sure VC had a pretty good story. I was under the impression that my player character can never change into a Knight from the beginning, so I never really felt irritated when he couldn't.

    I really am not looking forward to any game now. Seriously. haha, but I dunno. The only game that piques my interest is Versus, and that doesn't seem like its coming in the next couple of years TBH. I don't even play my PS3 nowadays, except for the occasional FF13.

    Summer's still summer. You say as if you ain't enjoying it. hahaha
    I have no idea why you would buy that game. Worst RPG I have played in a long time. Story's so convulted near the end, and i was like WTF! But still enjoy it as much as you can.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can play as your character. You just need to change the player in the menu from Lenord to whoever your character is. That's the way I did it atleast. I seriously don't think I'll purchase the 2nd one, after the tragedy the 1st one was.

    How's summer vacation?
    thanks! Don't worry about the size restrictions.. I used the width I'm more comfortable with... because 550 can be very huge.
    Hi Final. Sorry for the late reply. Life's been getting more lively again, so I'm just going with the flow. Thus, I'm not really able to dedicate as much time as I want to, to the forums.

    Me giving you harsh C&C!! NEVER!! hehehe but it'll be great to see you back in action. Maybe it'll get be back up from my inspiration-less slump I'm in. haha

    RL focals, eh? Sounds good. Maybe I'll try a few sigs.

    How's life for you, bro? You watching the WC? England's out! Anyway, I'm supporting Argentina, but I won't mind Portugal or Spain or Argentina winning this time.
    That's really cool, I didn't know there were different styles of her but it's not surprising since she's super popular in Japan. My first time of coming in contact with her was an Iphone app where she was singing and I thought it was really cool so I started doing more research on her. I've heard there are other vocaloids out there but she's the most popular out of everyone.

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, took me a sec there to figure out what was going on then I looked down and saw my name :lol: Thank you thank you thank you :D :D :D :D That's a super awesome kickass totally cool *****in sig, I loooooooove it :) I really appreciate the gift, thanks :)
    haha I know, I really want a new sig... but I can't decide what I want!!!!!!!

    I love SO MANY different games, a game themed one seems silly at the moment.
    You know what's weird, I looked her and said hey that looks like Hastune but at the same time it didn't. She looks ultra mature in your sig compared to


    You know what's also weird, I had a feeling you were going to be telling me I thought you knew who that was
    DC died with you and Tribunal tbh. I come now and then. I don't know whether I deseve the purple name with my activity.

    Your sigs are still awesomesauce though, bro. Good to hear by the way, that you're doing good.
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