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    Lincoln Trailer- Daniel Day Lewis + Speilberg + John Williams

    Those three names alone.. and this trailer. Really excited for this one!
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    Is College Worth it?

    A good video whether you're working, are in college, or are deciding whether go or not. The point he makes on the value of college is a good one.
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    How do you reorder your icons?

    I know when we had the icons before, we were able to re-order.. but I don't seem to be able to organize them now?
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    *Free* HBO First Episode of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom!

    You need to log in to Youtube to watch it from the HBO channel since it is for Mature audiences but it is a must see!
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    Halo Forward Unto Dawn Live Action Series *FULL Trailer Now Up*

    This is only a behind the scenes look at the Live Action series. The Full trailer will be revealed at the "The Fiction of Halo 4" Comic Con Panel tomorrow. Watching this series + Reading the books (Cryptum/Primordium, All the Nylund books + Glasslands) should make any hardcore Halo fan ready...
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    Brad Pitt+ Fassbender + Cumberbatch in Twelve Years A Slave (2013)

    Can't wait for this one! Michael K. Williams has also joined the cast!
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    Project P-100 By Hideki Kamiya: Wii U Game of Show?

    From Hideki Kamiya who was responsible for such things as: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 2, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Bayonetta.. comes Project P-100. It is developed by PlatinumGames. At first it looked average but once I saw the walkthrough with Bill Trinnen, I was convinced this was...
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    E3 Section is too small.. PSU Section too big.

    I think the PSU section which takes a quarter of the screen should be one row like the E3 section during E3.. and the E3 section should have seperate forums with 4 rows like the PSU section now.. so basically a swap. Of course you can change it back after e3.
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    *Hideo Kojima* Zone Of Enders HD

    Coming out Fall 2012. Figured I'd make a seperate thread for ZOE HD. Quite Amazing. Day 1 for me. No Spoilers if you've played the ZOE Games in this thread please.
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    *New* Metal Gear Rising Gameplay Trailer

    My jaw is on the floor.. How Epic was that? (see entire trailer) People doubted Platinum Games after the first trailer.. well you have your answer now. Majority of Gameplay from 2:00 1) HD Quality Trailer: Youtube link...
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    Anarchy Reigns - Best Multiplayer Game of 2012? *03/07/2012*

    I absolutely have loved everything Platinum Games has done so far this generation (also working on MGS Rising) and Anarchy Reigns will be day one for me! Looks like it will be incredibly fun with friends! 0:56 LOL. :lol:
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    Lupe Fiasco is Back! Food and Liquor 2! **9/25/2012**

    The album title says it all (spiritual succesor).. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing album.
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    Want To Be Like Tony Stark?

    Well you can be halfway there! :lol: Pretty awesome.. the accuracy is amazing!
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    Trekking In the Wild

    Really informative and cool look at what it takes to go on a long trek.
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    GAF members donate 4,000 in 2 Hours for Someone in Need

    I am doing what I can to share this link with as many people as possible. Don't think it should be against PSU rules since you can't post on the site really unless you've registered a long time ago with a private email. Sad to see that someone has to choose between loved ones and financial...