• Hey just dropping by to say Merry Christmas and seeing if your still alive... :lol:
    I am saving for the 320gb move bundle.. Not to interested in the move but it is the better deal of the 2 models...Also maybe you got some paste on part of the board that process sound or maybe you didn't hook up a wire???
    Sorry for not getting back to you.. Was unable to try the code since my system died AGAIN!!!! :cuss2

    Will be getting a new one sometime soon and then repair my old one one more time and hopefully do the data transfer thing and transfer everything that will go over...:bang:
    Oh, sorry for the comment. I meant no disrespect, I only said that because; how many gamers are of that age and are active on this site, right? That's pretty cool and thanks for the b-day wishes!
    Happy Birthday you crazy Alaskan. Hopefully you'll get a nice birthday present this weekend and get to see some glorious GT5 displayed at Le Mans and then more GT5 at E3 next week. Keep your fingers crossed we'll get a firm GT5 release date too!
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