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    Movie trailers not true 5.1?

    I was checking out the movie trailers that sony's psn allows us to download, I noticed that the video file did not contain True 5.1 surround sound, is anyone else getting this problem? Also, does Madden 2007 support true 5.1? My speakers keep saying it's only 2.0
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    Playstation 3 Store URL Discovered

    I've noticed that a lot of people were curious on where the actual playstation store connects to, so I did a tracer route on the ip addresses currently accessing my playstation 3 (I only picked the ones with multiple port use) - This ip didn't post anything up, besides the...
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    Playstation 3 online, a huge dissapointment

    Please don't flame me on this, i'm just voicing out the little bugs that are out on the online network, and yes you are all right, its just the beginning there will also be problems. So just please take this with a grain of salt, its whats going on right now. These are the things i'd like ea and...
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    Improving the ps2 graphics on a ps3 I find it ironic that we actually have to down conver the ps3 resolution, to make ps2 games look better. Hope this helps Happy new years!
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    College football, determines if you get a ps3

    This is the neatest idea i've ever seen. What a great idea, anyone ever think of this?
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    Blu-Ray Price are coming down

    Blu-Ray player prices are already coming down, this is bad news for hd-dvd and hopefully this will end the format war. The Blu-Ray players cost just as much as a...
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    Playstation 3 60gb Bundle Now in Stock! Barnes and Nobel has a 60gb Bundle for 1009.92. The following items are included: PS3 60 GB Wireless Controller Untold Legends Madden 2007 Ridge Racer 7 NBA 07 Marvel Ultimate Alliance...
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    Playstation 3 Streaming/External HDD

    1. Can anyone confirm that the ps3 can only read fat32 format as opposed to not being able to read ntfs format for a hard drive? 2. Has anyone been able to explore the filesystem on a external hard drive for the playstation 3, rather than being limited to the certain areas the xmb only allows...
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    Co-Op Games

    Can anyone list any games that are currently co-op games? (resistance for starters) or possible future co-op games? Possible online co-op games? So this is what im basically looking for. Co-Op games - Current (Offline) - Current (Online) - Future (Offline) - Future (Online...
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    No ps3 but sixaxis? No problem

    We all know that the ps3 sixaxis controller does have a mini-usb port, and for all of us who have tried plugging in the six-axis controller to the p.c have come to a dead end. Now for those of you who do indeed have the sixaxis controller but only to have a failing preorder or multiple failed...
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    Fye not being able to support pre-orders?

    I had a preorder at FYE, 8th spot I think. Only problem is they didn't get any playstation 3's to even give the 1st preorder one. Did anyone else who preordered at fye get the same result?
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    Vista on pre-order

    Windows Vista is officialy on pre-order now at Apparently the release date is set for January 30th, 2007. Check out the price tag for the...
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    PS3 officialy switching over to 65nm in 2007

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Great news for the people who are waiting for the second wave, you'll be getting the improved ps3 in exchange for waiting.
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    Playstation 3 best of E3

    This is ign's top parts of the playstation 3 they showed at e3. Some contraversial picks though Here is the best of e3 for all 3 consoles. Playstation took quite a few.
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    Sony Japan Talks About PS3, Helps Clarify A Few Things

    For the question on hard drives: For the people who are buying the 20gb version, you'll be able to upgrade in the future. Hdmi x2 for the future So for the people who will wait, might get the better end of the deal. For those of you who questioned the "ps" logo on the controller...