• There isnt enough laughter in the world for this announcement: Kenji Inafune has some kinda tie in with Hyperdimension Neptunia mk 2.
    Asura's wrath is kinda ugly but looks like it might be fun, that's the one by CC2 right? It's a shame they arent using their awesome cel shaded engine for it.

    Last Rebellion is a bit weak but it's definitely nowhere near as bad as some of the stuff I've played this gen.
    It doesnt look anything like breath of fire but Capcom might still just slap the breath of fire name on a western developed completely generic game :/
    How are you enjoying DW7? I was sorely tempted to buy it but now they just released the first english trailer of Gundam Musou 3 so I'm seeing how long AT3 and Yakuza 4 last before buying more stuff
    I think Inafune might have invested so heavily in western development that they cant pull out instantly or it'd be a black hole in their finances :/ They just had a major event and we'll see what horrors are planned next week. I'm with you though, I'm really hoping that by TGS they can get some kind of action plan to turn things around.

    I was pleased to see you playing Ar tonelico! :D Gust really became one of my favourites quickly, I dunno why more companies arent putting out games like that. I certainly wouldnt complain about a Breath of Fire made like that and I think it could do really well, but capcom seem obsessed with spending trillions on everything and needing 5 million sales
    he probably will but oh well, I dont think anyone really cares what he does, the question is if/when capcom will get back to being good again.

    There's way too many people willing to support once japan-centric devs working with C grade western devs. It's depressing to see atlus fans supporting the crap they're releasing lately just because it says atlus on the box :x
    yeah it's pretty awful, though slightly hilarious that there are over a dozen games exactly like this coming out THIS YEAR
    NT "cool stuff" almost certainly means some kinda QTE rubbish :P

    I said a while back that mass effect was "Dudebro Sakura Wars" and it seems with DA2 people seem to have realized that Bioware are basicly making dating sims for the GRIM GRITTY BROWNGREY gamers. Except instead of having a deep relationship system that ties into the story and gameplay in a deep way the game is pretty much MASH A to F*CK KILL OR EAT THINGS
    There's still people who think DmC might not be bad, claiming we havent seen it in action yet, wehen even in the trailer we saw the trademark bendy/extendable weapons NT love to use because they cant do proper physics or collision detection or basic gameplay functions like jumping.

    Did you read the thread about this over on neogaf? Hundreds of posts saying new Breath of Fire. We'll probably get ghouls and ghosts as a bethesda WRPG
    Oh boy they really managed to say just about every stupid thing possible there, it's like Sonic 4 all over again lol
    Oh geez, this is gonna be terrible. I dont see how Inafune is gonna survive without claiming other peoples games as his own works, it's all he's ever done. Will be some quality lols if he shows his own art for whatever it is though
    I'm amazed Enslaved got so much positive press really. It deserves its poor sales, it's a short shallow game with no replay value, awful combat and not a lot else besides ugly art design.

    I gave the Dragon Age 2 demo a go too....yeah no, utter dudebro RPG for dumb ****s, this pretty much sums up the "RPG"
    I was JUST reading that on another site lol. They've got some nerve saying stuff like that with all the IPs they've ruined this gen, as well as the ones they just left to die.
    Is this logic supposed to apply to abhorrent wrecks like Bionic Commando? Lost Planet 2? lol
    I'll be waiting for Kamiya's next game instead, everything capcom are doing reminds me of sega or messes like Daikatana where they're convinced they're right and wont listen to anyone
    Oh man Berserk would be awesome actually, great idea, maybe we'll see one with the new anime series of it :D
    I guess I'll put FotNS on my to-get list too, I really enjoy the lastibility of these games, there's been so many games this gen I can complete in a day.
    It's a real shame they arent brining the Trinity DLC over, it adds a lot to the game and the extra costumes are pretty cool. I think I saw you playing Fist of the North Star too, how's that?
    Yeah? I've been considering it but I dunno how different it is from other musou games? I know I'm definitely getting DW Gundam 3 so I dont want to overdo it, though it kinda felt more like Drakengard than anything from the demo, so I think I should like it a lot. From Software have been amazing this gen, it's a real shame Another Century's Episode R wont get a western release, it's one of my fave games this gen.
    The list of what capcom HAVENT released is pretty damning too. Going all shooter with resident evil is doubly stupid when they had Dino Crisis, a series far more geared towards that. but just abandoned it. The sad thing is as a sega fan I've seen it all before. Capcom are really in danger of being overthrown by smaller devs like koei tecmo and aksys
    I enjoyed DMC4 too but even that was just copy/pasting from talent they used to have and was shamed by Bayonetta :/ eople even seem disappointed with MvC3 from what I've seen, havent played it myself yet but dont have much desire too either, I cant really enjoy Dante, Joe and Ammy knowing about things like DmC
    Ugh, seriously? wow :x Anyone who does that should be jailed for child abuse :lol:
    I cant beleive people on the forum are acting like Capcom have been good this gen :/ freaking dudebros
    Yeah? I dunno what to make of Dungeon Siege, it's by a different developer than the previous games...but I don't see anything wrong with it either, so I guess I'll see what the opinions on it are like. I'm still waiting for some smaller company to come along and make a 2d PSN WRPG that'll be better than the huge budget ones :lol:

    Do you have a psp? There's one game on that this year that I really recommend, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.
    Yeah ME isnt really comparable to actual gun based RPGs like Front Mission, Valkyria, Resonance of Fate, X-com and such. It's really pretty much just perks like you'd find in any call of duty or killzone or whatever.

    Oh well, these things are cyclical and the big companies right now are doing the exact same things atari and co. did back in the day. There's a crash happening right now and people dont seem aware of it. Activision alone have shut down a half dozen studios lately, Microsoft too. Once these giants fall there'll be a reshuffle and we'll see some older styles come back
    Justin Bieber as all the Fairies :lol:
    What's really annoying though is you can criticize bethsoft or bioware at all, the fanboys are such mindless trolls and they'll say you just hate WRPGs even if you loved the older fallouts and arcanum and stuff. The sad thing is Dragon Age and Mass Effect both use the exact same story as the Sonic the Hedgehog RPG made by Bioware :rolleyes:
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