• lmao that's exactly how it'd be too! Kill a million people, but help the fairy build a house and then tell the god you're not a bad dragon!
    yeah I just dont know what they're doing. I'd really love to see a new breath of fire but at this stage I'd expect it to be an online WRPG with a monthly fee. Hopefully at least Darkstalkers will turn out ok
    I was excited when you said onimusha, then I went and looked it up and saw he wants to make it an online multiplayer game :/ sigh capcom
    Yeah they actually had the balls out stupidity to try and tell fans we dont know what Dante looked liek when he was younger, since they know so little about the series they dont know that we DO in fact know what Dante looked like. So on top of all the other crap they're feeding us they're trying to BS us with that too.
    Yeah namco definitely seem to have gotten the kick in the balls they needed :D At this stage I'm amazed Capcom are pig headed enough to steam on with DmC. I have honest to got played £1 psn minis that have better gameplay. Tehra Dark Warrior has better combat than anything they can make :lol:
    They really have to pull it together with FF13-2, and that's gonna be an uphill struggle. I dont get capcom either, Lost Planet 2 bombed and instead of making something people actually want like a new breath of fire, they're just gonna port it to NGP? Even less people are gonna want monster hunter with guns on a system that actually HAS monster hunter.
    Ah, awesome then XD Yeah I thought drakengard was way better with the multiple playable characters/enemy weaknesses/more combos/better weapon variety. I dunno why they didnt make Kaine and Emil playable

    The funny thing is I'm sure gun loco will be even worse. I also think people burned by ff13 will be reluctant to even buy ff13-2. FF14 is already a disaster and by delaying it it's now probably gonna be going up against PSO2. IU really dont know what SE are thinking.

    I wonder how slant 6 developed multiplayer online resident evil will do :x
    If you enjoyed it you should check out the drakengard games, one of the reasons I didnt like Nier much was that it felt like such a huge step down from them.

    I'm surprised you picked up Mind Jack, seemed like another silly attempt to appeal to the west to me. They probably should have put that budget into parasite eve 3 instead :/
    I didnt really like Nier much at all myself, I found it was a huge step backwards from Cavia's previous games :/
    pretty much, they've turned RPGs into dudebro games, and for all their bull**** about "nonlinear" gameplay you'd have to be dumb as **** to buy that you're given any freedom in them. Every single one of their games have a preset role for your character, except it's a single poorly written role and yet they try to insult characters with actual writing when no matetr what character you make they'll have the role of the warden/gatekeeper/chosen one/whatever crappy reason they give to override your actual character
    Probably something really embarassingly western pandering. Hopefully now capcom will give us our breath of fires, power stones, darkstalkers, Onimusha's and other series he deemed "too japanese"
    Seriously? How? Who looked at Enslaved bombing its multimillion dollar budget away, selling less than tiny niche japanese gamers and went YES we want a slice of that!
    DMC4 sold only 2.7 million, thinking it'll sell nearly double is just bizarre. Especially since 1.1m of that was in japan and this wont well 50k in japan
    Yeah I saw his comments about it. With the week one sales of Dead Rising 2 falling waayyyyy short it should be interesting to see what excuses he makes about that :p
    They're a perfect pair arent they? Inafune is genuinely insane, he thinkls he's the modern day reincarnation of Ryoma Sakamoto
    Yeah I'm pretty worried about that too, seems like he's determined to take the rest of japan down with him D:
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