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    Freedom Wars

    pretty cool trailer with some decent music in it, looks like its a j-rpg mix with some Front Mission/Death Note inspiration. Always good with some promising titles for the Vita. It seems to be out in 5 days in Japan aswell according to that date hopefully its something that gets well received there
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    Are promo discs patchable ?

    Someone is selling Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time for 4$ 2nd hand but ive noticed its the promo disc of the game. Do all promo discs have the full game and are they patchable via psn update aswell ?
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    Vita turns 1 year old....Free games and discounts for all!

    only US ? :S props to Sony though thats a pretty good list of games
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    What games do you want for Vita?

    ye ps2 classics would be great, imo they should have focused on making those compatible on it first before the psx as those only just recently arrived on psn so they feel way more fresh. Ive kinda played most of the good psx games by now on psn so im not really that excited for it to be...
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    To Buy or not to Buy the Playstation Vita.....

    @OP Since E3 i used around 2 weeks to decide if i should get the 3DS or Vita by watching alot of top titles reviews/previews and release lists of upcoming games for both consoles, i decided here 6-7 days ago to go for the 3DS instead. While i think the Vita seems like a nice piece of gadget and...
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    The PS Vita Price Thread is apparently selling the PS Vita for £179.95 this week its the Wi-Fi version
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    "Limited Edition" PS Vita

    hope it will geta price cost when AC bundle launches. 3DS was price cut after 5 months already at launch and with the Vita out for 4 now it seems like its bound to happen if they dont wanna be annihilated from the handheld market so early on. I dont think this colour will be limited though...
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    I too have Vita Questions, getting one soon

    the Wifi version really seems like a bummer choice on the long run? is it possible to upgrade the Wifi one to a 3G at a later date with just im presuming a SIM card or is it left in the dust for a bunch of people? Not personally interested in online gaming on it but i would like to always have...
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    Sony to host a Vita only event later this month

    hope this show is soon im planning to buy a 3ds or vita soon before i go on a long vacation i have a psp but would really want something new and i cant really decide tbh, the vita showcase at E3 was dissapointing as hell theres just no games for it at the moment besides Gravity Daze which should...
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    US/EU PSN Visa card problems & precautions?

    Im wondering if i will be able to buy from my US account with my Visacard without any problem, my main account or Master account is European and im buying from my creditcard there. Ive managed to make a US profile where i can get demos and stuff but im wondering if i can use the same creditcard...
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    "The Funds could not be added to your wallet" message problem

    Im having this really annoying problem i bought a 20$ card from a danish retailer and cant manage to add them into my US account and buy fro mthe US store as they have the good psx classics and awesome Castlevania themes. it just keeps giving me this message. Im wondering since i have a Visa...