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    R.I.P Vita, Sony has finally given up on you!

    They gave up more than a year ago internally. Greenlit projects are all out and done.
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    First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

    Nah. I don't work for Sony. I just know a few people in some interesting places.
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    First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

    If I know something and its not too sensitive, then I'll probably let everyone know. Though in truth, I haven't been in situations where I've been told much recently. I'll probably know more closer to the US/EU launch. I do know that the vast, vast majority of UK developers have Vita devkits.
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    First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

    Just to clarify, pricing in the US will not go above $39.99. UK pricing will vary quite a bit, but I hear the upper end will be £29.99.
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    I am resigning as a member of staff with immediate effect. This is due differences I have with the management. If you wish to contact me, you can via Twitter and on NeoGAF. It was a lot of fun being a member here. It is not any-more and has not been for some time. I wish the new management...
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    What Can Sony Learn From 3DS Launch?

    Yeah, a structured and well supported launch window software-wise. I think they'll be fine. They have more developers working on NGP than they ever had with PSP and they'll have the PlayStation Suite games there too to compliment the retail/download full NGP game releases.
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    Carrying Your NGP

    It'll fit in my pockets.
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    Infraction for winne: Instant Perma-Ban

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    Infraction for yuscott: Instant Perma-Ban

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    NGP No Internal Flash HD

    It doesn't have any yet yes, but given how its probably launching a year from now in the US and EU, Sony might be waiting on component prices to level out before definitely going for internal memory.
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    Uncharted 3 Main Villain Revealed.

    New media about Uncharted 3 is being released soon. The Villain looks and sounds like someone famous.
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    Sony boss: We've resurrected our PS1 dev attitude

    Very good. I'm excited to see the new relationships that can be forged between the smaller developers and Sony as time goes by. If its less hassle to work with Sony and they achieve success, developers will go back to Sony.
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    Infraction for killzoneded: Instant Perma-Ban

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    GDC11: Sony unveils PhyreEngine 3.0 for PS3 and MGP.

    I can see many more Japanese developers jumping on this.
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    Infraction for engagequadlasr: No Insubordination, Rule 9.

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