• Hey in that design tournament thread I said you and I could switch places if you really want to. You can compete and I will not. Let me know.
    Exactly right man, it was tough they closed down completely here in Aus, and I was out of a job for only about six weeks which was good :) i did end up loosing like $130 on pre orders which sucks but oh well...
    Yeah man been pretty busy, starting up a new job at Toys R Us tomorrow, and last few weeks ive started Tafe, which is somewhere between Uni and school. So yeah, busy times!
    Me too I never EVER played a persona game before now i know I'm missing out on a great series I think you can find them in UMD form for 20 I'd Recommend getting P3P first been hearing nothing but great things about that one can't wait to play it.
    Playing the first one for right now wanna beat this first before p3p lol It's good controls to move are kinda clunky but i like it so far clocked in about 5-6 hrs ended up grinding lvls because I keep getting lost lol it's worth a pickup it was on sale for 9.99 along with the other two think it still is it's worth a pick up. :)
    That's cool man It's funny you mention persona I'm playing that now kinda frustrating but it's really fun i just bought it and Persona 3 looking forward to that one. Man I wish Birth by sleep was on the Psn store i wanna play it! What you playing?
    Oh Shit..I'm sorry man I didn't even notice it i was doing something and came back I would've definitely backed you up bro!
    You got a lot on the plate bro I see what you mean know it is pretty hectic indeed..haha
    Lol I know..they mean no harm haha
    I'm pretty good just visiting my grandmothers house how are you?
    I see what you mean gangsta before it was just me joining in the fun but you should know you always got a place there bro ;)
    Well i was in college(Amity University, Noida) but then i left due to poor management and a few other reasons. Going to try again this year for a better college.
    i have/had a love hate relationship with the place i love the cutler and life of the place but i simply loath the weather. I went their last year to give an entrance exam it was during the monsoon season and i saw very little amount of development since last i was there. if you don't mind me asking which school are you going to there?
    ah damn! my father was posted in kolkata from 2001-03'ish i guess(my memory banks are failing me a bit) my father was garison engineer at fort william while there.Then we got transferred and transferred from there to bhatinda to gwalior to here this year to delhi. what were you doing in USA anyways? oh and i'm about 18 about to be 19 this may.
    Nahh man, I'll be independent in a couple more months though, when I get shipped off to London for university. =D

    I'm 19 btw. Thought you might be a little older.
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