• You are welcomed as always friend... You are awesome and enjoy posting on the forum with you and enjoy the conversations we have :)
    thank you friend..

    On the posting thing, i have never posted in my entire time on here. Them 13,000 odd post our not mine, a friend asked me to pretend i posted all that

    LMAO :drool

    Thank you friend... I can handle it, but it takes time and time is what i need and that means the forum has to be slowly approached and not posted on that often

    Normally i am posting like crazy, but this is different
    Thank you friend... It is nothing beyond what i can handle. But it is time consuming enough

    To pull all my activities relating too the elders scrolls group and theory to be scrapped for now
    I just have way to much going on in my life at the moment, that I would not be able to focus on the group and my theory

    When things get sorted, I will redo the group and theory, sorry friend

    But life throws up problems I need to sort out
    LMAO, glad i could help

    Man if you do start playing, remember you can ask me anything and i will most certainly help you out
    My sex doll of rubber funny fanny, never worry about it

    Leave it to me for now and when you want to, just add what ever you feel needs added.. I am just doing this to help people out and have fun making it and passing on my theories on the

    Timeline etc....
    You know me so well, my sausage holder of doggy fun :drool

    I am doing a thread on the next elder scrolls game, it is in the other games section. Check it out and i will be updating all the time and the same goes for my group
    No problem, i will drop you a PM when i have made a new game review, MY MEATLOAF OF LOVE AND ICE CREAM :drool
    Thank you friend... I have played the games so much that the knowledge i have is insane and the fact i am updating my GROUP and putting my own theories across

    Shows i need to stop LMAO
    Thank you friend, that felt beautiful.

    Just like a choke attack on my bum hole, may i request a clean up of my whole reaction tunnel :snicker
    thank you for joining my group... I am on a quest to make this a great group and i going to update it everyday
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