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    Red Dead Online

    So jumped back here to see how the forum's doing and it's all but dead :S Just wondering, if anyone's left to read this, who's playing RDO and what your impressions are. I've been at it since beta and love it, i's pretty much all I play when I get on.
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    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    Back in the day I worked so hard to make this place something unique to compete with the juggernauts (reddit etc) but I think it was always futile as it was already too late. It is sad to see this place a wasteland now.
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    I'm hoping we can look at revamping trophies, make them a bit more relevant to the nature of the site.
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    Wow nice!! Writing you a PM Chris, with the ideas I had from yesteryear when this was jus a distant pipedream. :)
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    Any Elder Scrolls Online players here?

    Been playing this the past few weeks and I really like it a lot. I've played a lot of FFXIV but I really like the more direct control feel of the combat in this gamer. I mean it's essentially the same but feels different. Plus it incorporates things I loved from previous ES games like stealth...
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    Mods on Fallout 4

    So Xbox has got mods for FO4 that were previously only available to PC users. This has been done before I believe in UT but not to this degree. It's a pretty huge milestone in gaming that's up there with x-platform play on Rocket League. So far I haven't seen many complaints and I'm a pretty...
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    Fallout 4 Survival 2.0

    Fucking. Amazing. If you're not aware, FO4 on consoles recently got patch 1.5 which brought about a complete overhaul to the survival difficulty setting. Prior to 1.5, survival only made enemies harder to kill and made stimpacks heal slower. Now, the game is totally different. The changes are...
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    Nolan North recast as Destiny's Ghost

    He will be doing all the existing recordings too. Dont have a link on tapatalk. Previous voice was done by Peter D, aka Tyrion of Game of Thrones. I figure he was too busy to carry on. Sent from my GT-I9000
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    PS4 Made Up Largest Part of Ubisoft Game Sales During the Last 3 Months I don't know if these sales are reflected in other 3rd party publisher figures but it illustrates why PS4 is getting so much love from them. Pretty impressive really, especially that it beat out PC...
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    Witcher 3 DLCs will be approx 10 & 20 hours long I think that's pretty impressive. Especially when they said: Witcher 3 as it stands is so vast in content, I know that their DLCs will be really worth it in an age when we are getting ripped...
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    Fallout Shelter is played 70 million times a day

    Sorry, can't link the article but Bethesda's first mobile game has been kicking all kinds of ass. It's the most downloaded app in many countries. Has anyone here tried it yet? Sent from my GT-I9000
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    Combine any two games to make a badass hybrid...?

    P.T (horror/make you shit your pants elements) and Bloodborne. :D And...?
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    Final Fantasy XIV: Gold Saucer, Chocobo breeding/training/racing & Triple Triad

    The latest patch 2.51 brings a whole slew of hotly anticipated stuff to an already badass game. Chocobo racing ala FFVII and Triple Triad from from FFVIII hit Eorzea today. Seriously, any FF fans are doing themselves a HUGE disservice by not playing this game. Aside from this amazing new...
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    Help me to understand the exploding marvel movie secene

    So for awhile I've wanted to check out the Marvel movies like X-men and Avengers etc but there are so many of these films now I don't really know where to begin. In which order should I watch them, and what's currently out? :)
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    How Evolve Fell Down The Bullshit Tree (The Jimquisition) Screw this game. This is a new low.