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    God of War will not make it for 2021

    I'm sure I saw news that Sony wasn't going to do cross gen so that devs could go for wow factor in games that weren't hamstrung. Then, full 180. Didn't even know a new GoW was in the works? Haven't played the last, am hoping for a PS5 remaster.
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    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    @NoUseMercenary All the ideas I had back in the day fall flat without a dedicated and close knit community. Basically I saw this forum as a place to share things that aren't just thread posts. Old institutions like the design squad were amazing. Every week they had sig making competitions and...
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    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    I tried to reply to your PM but the site was having issues. This is what I wrote: "I don't know dude. I spent years trying just that, through PS3 era, at the launch of PS4 and past that. We may draw in a little bit of traffic but the case is now, as it was all those years ago, that sites like...
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    What late gen PS4 games do you expect/want to see on PS5?

    I'd say that TLOU 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding are almost a given. What else?
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    Has the PS5 price just been leaked

    I don't care all THAT much about disc version of games but certain titles I'll want on disc like FF7R.
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    Has the PS5 price just been leaked

    Probably VR when it launches and that litle white robot app that's on PS4. Digital price is very nice but I kind of want a disc based one.
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    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    It would be nice to see this place alive again. It's so sad to see it's dead now, like really dead. The writing was on the wall ages ago though and the shiny new forum was just too little too late.
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    PS5 design thoughts

    I'm ok with it given that it can lay flat. I'd prefer a black version of it, not a big fan of the white. Looking at the width of the disk slot, it's quite wide.
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    Red Dead Online

    No, I stopped playing after CCP canned DUST on PS3 to take it to PC. It never reall came to much once they shut it down. You should check it out again, they have done a lot to combat griefing and the jobs (roles) they've added are cool. It's still VERY early days in the game. I've always...
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    Red Dead Online

    So jumped back here to see how the forum's doing and it's all but dead :S Just wondering, if anyone's left to read this, who's playing RDO and what your impressions are. I've been at it since beta and love it, i's pretty much all I play when I get on.
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    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    Back in the day I worked so hard to make this place something unique to compete with the juggernauts (reddit etc) but I think it was always futile as it was already too late. It is sad to see this place a wasteland now.
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    I'm hoping we can look at revamping trophies, make them a bit more relevant to the nature of the site.
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    Wow nice!! Writing you a PM Chris, with the ideas I had from yesteryear when this was jus a distant pipedream. :)
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    Any Elder Scrolls Online players here?

    Been playing this the past few weeks and I really like it a lot. I've played a lot of FFXIV but I really like the more direct control feel of the combat in this gamer. I mean it's essentially the same but feels different. Plus it incorporates things I loved from previous ES games like stealth...
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    Mods on Fallout 4

    So Xbox has got mods for FO4 that were previously only available to PC users. This has been done before I believe in UT but not to this degree. It's a pretty huge milestone in gaming that's up there with x-platform play on Rocket League. So far I haven't seen many complaints and I'm a pretty...