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    Can you in GT5?

    I need to know if you can modify cars like on gt4 if not i see no need for me to buy this game. Gran turismo is the only racing games i ever buy but i need to be able to modify my cars. There is no fun if you cannot, I want to be able to put a supercharger or turbo on the cars so i have scoured...
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    Battlefield Bad company 2

    I come to this forum because most people here can be completely honest and give good opinions now to my question i have a PS3 and a XBOX 360 i want to get BFBC2 but do not know which system to buy it for? I truly cannot decide so i am leaving this in your guys hands. looking mainly at the...
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    Hp Pavillion DV 9700

    Ok i am not getting any video from the LCD screen, if i hook up an external monitor it works great, but cannot get anything from LCD. I took it apart and wiggled the wires at the back of the LCD and the screen popped up and looked like normal but restarted it and now cannot get it to come on...
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    Gonnakillu VS C-carcharias VS Spyrde

    #1 #2 #3 let the voting begin!!!
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    Anyone wanna battle?

    You pick the theme. winner gets 500 SP from opponent. One week from choosing a theme and both parties accepting it is the deadline? I know i am newer here but would like to put some skills to test
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    I am kinda perved. I cannot believe that sony would try to charge me 2.99 for a freaking picture frame on home, i could not believe it. really do they think people wanna spend a whole lot of money on this? I know i dont, not that i am saying anything bad about anyone that would want to. Now here...
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    will this work to make my xbox wireless, and yeah i know but the stupid ms one is 100 bux that is ridicoulus so will it work ??
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    Well i bought my xbox for alan wake and have since regreted it until tonight! I had operation flashpoint and GEOW2 both of which online suck, i bought Halo 3 ODST tonight and finally got to play some online matches and it was fun. I really do like it just needed to see a game i could play...
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    i was trying to play gears 2 and operation flashpoint on LIVE last night but everytime i would get into a game it would lose connection i dunno what is up with this? Also i dunno if its just the games i have but it takes forever to try and make a match or find a game. Is it always this way and...
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    i have 2 accounts on my x-box one is connected to live and the other i have played all my games on up to this point i was wondering if i could get my game saves to the other profile someway?? I wanna use the first profile but dont wanna play the games all over again to the point of where i am at...
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    On the darkside

    well i finally gave in i have been wanting a x-box 360 since seeing the alan wake video and now i saw a game called operation flashpoint that i had to have so i ordered one from dell and it has already shipped. Will still mainly use my ps3 but they are some exclusives that i want to play EX alan...
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    mods please delete
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    Which version to get??

    I have been looking at getting a x-box 360 and have wondered whether to get get the arcade version or the elite? Is there any savings in buying the arcade and upgrading. Or should i just get the elite. I have a PS3 and love it but i wanna play alan wake. Do both have HDMI and can both accept...
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    New sig been a while

    It has been a while since i have done this, but i do not have my photoshop anymore and i am using GIMP it has a learning curve, so let me know what you think
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    What do you think of this projector, it says it displays 1080P but internally converts it to 720P why would it do that?? what size screen would i use with this and what type of picture do you think i would get with it. it looks pretty decent for the price. Thanks for any help Brandon...