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    Greatest ps2 case mod of all time!!!

    Jack Thompson would even laugh
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    DVD Player Remote Software Download?

    I have the PS2 remote and IR receiver but I need to find the software to install on friends PS2. Does anyone know where I can find the latest version, or any version for that matter. I am not sure which PS2 he has so the more answers the better.
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    XP on one drive win 7 on 2nd???

    I have winXP installed right now and I am wondering if I can install win7 on my second drive. cpu: intel core duo 2 ram: 4gb hds: sata (both) i figure i can switch the boot order in bios when I want to switch between the two os's so, does this sound plausible and if so can I even install...
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    SF IV Joystick makes my virtual panties wet I am sooo loving this already. I am going to save all my gift cards for this :lol:
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    Terminator: Salvation; New Terminators and Future World

    The more I see about this the more I am getting excited. Harvesters look crazy Screenshots come from the following video
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    Gears 2: Tacky gamers strike back for LBP Metacritic score

    I agree with this guy, how freakin lame can we get... Source:
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    Transformers 2 will have IMAX scenes

    Source Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! More reason to be excited IMO
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    Trash me please

    Never mind I just reset the settings and started over. So I got Uverse today and everything is going good so far. Went into my PS3 network settings and do custom setup. Now I did something wrong cuz when I went to test the connection it failed. But that is not my concern. This is my...
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    SHOCKER - Guess who stepped out of the closet

    Clay! I got nothing against gay people in the least, but I just think it is hilarious that this is news in any stretch of the word. Source
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    Save $150 on PS3 using Sony credit card Pretty damn good!
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    Digital TV switch question

    I got a question about next February's digital TV switch (in the U.S.) Will the change in signal save bandwidth for cable/fiber companies? If so, can we expect better HD signals (ie, less tiling & pixelation)? If not, can we expect worse HD signals?
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    Mitsi's 65' Laser TV priced finally

    Mitsubishi's 65' LaserVue 1080p rear-projection $7,000 Source Not bad I guess, but I was hoping for around 3 G's :lol:
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    Awesome article about the history of XBox issues Very very long but a lot of good info about management decisions that have help and hurt the 360 over come the PS. Crazy stuff. Source 1 Full article
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    SONY puts the final nail in the coffin! LOL

    Saw this on Gizmodo and cracked up! Source PWNED!!!
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    BADASS!!! - First Real Online Battle - US clan wins

    This is what we are all training for and is probably is going to be a huge part of future wars. Source