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    AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 - FSR 2.0 vs Native vs DLSS - The DF Tech Review

    This should make things pretty interesting between the two companies for the GPU mindshare. Now the Nvidia folks can't forcibly rely on the DLSS mantra anymore. But also, AMD has to continue to get their drivers stable. Has been with the 6000 series for sure. But to get back on topic, this is a...
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    AMD Ryzen 6000 CPUs, AM5 Socket, Zen 4, R7 5800X3D, & RX 6500 XT (Gamers Nexus)

    I was excited about the 5800X3D until a read that price might be something stupid. If I had to guess, it will probably be as much as the original 5900x. If that's the case, I'm going to kick myself in the nuts for not grabbing the OG 5800x from Microcenter when it was on sale for $299. I knew I...
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    Does Sony deserve losing Call of Duty?

    I think people are going crazy for nothing. There was a time when games were exclusive to either console and not just 1st party games. In this generation, as highlighted in the post, it was DLC and other garbage. Now it appears the tables are turning to go back. This should be an incentive for...
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    Noxy sighting! I'm do well, thank you and I hope you are as well. And I don't, haven't seen the...

    Noxy sighting! I'm do well, thank you and I hope you are as well. And I don't, haven't seen the old NFL thread folks in years since everyone has stopped coming to the site. I also hope you have a great time here in Murica!
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    Little Devil Inside - State of Play Oct 2021 Trailer

    That State of Play was pure toilet water. They could've kept that in the cupboard, lol. With that said, I'm glad some people found some of those titles interesting and fun. But in my opinion, that could've been a blog post. Playstation hit us with the okie doke.
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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

    I'm still on the fence. Looks a lot better than what I anticipated (Though Modders still have outdone Rockstar) but overall, it still looks good. And I'm happy to know the gameplay is supposed to mirror a lot of the mechanics of GTAV. Just don't know if its worth $60 though. That's where the...
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    Far Cry 6: PC Features Overview Trailer

    Never played a Far Cry game, but this peaks my interest. Looks good and I might have to sneak a look on launch.
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    Sony PS5 System Software Beta Launches With M.2 SSD Support

    Huh? The Samsung 980 Pro and WD SN850 has been out since like October of last year. Before the consoles even launched.
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    Sony PS5 System Software Beta Launches With M.2 SSD Support

    Pretty crazy to me that it has taken this long for them to get around to adding this feature that should've been there day one. Especially since its Gen4 NVMEs, like c'mon, Sony.
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    Your Computer?

    Christ, a lot has changed since then. Maybe a month or two after this post, I had upgraded to a Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB of RAM and given that PC to my father. Now I got a workhorse in this 3700x and 6800 XT. I've been on the fence of upgrading the CPU since I play at 1440p, but I originally wanted...
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    Steam Deck is Valve’s Switch-like portable PC, starting at $399 this December

    Looks very, very interesting. Would've been an instant buy, however, I want to build me a HTPC instead of using something like this. I do wish the screen was 120hz though. 60 in this day and age seems... meh.
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    Windows 11 reveal event in 7 mins

    I feel that Win10 has a little bit of that mobile/laptop design already. I'm interested in Win11, but I want to see more. @NoUseMercenary If you can, might as well wait for DDR5 if you don't absolutely need a PC now. That was my plan, but a family member needed my R5 2600 build. So I had to end...
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    AMD reveal hardware agnostic FidelityFX - Finally!

    It looks promising because of it being opensource, but people are impatience and expect it to dethrone DLSS 2.0 in AMD's first attempt, lol. With it being accessible on both PC and console with old and new hardware, I truly believe it will be top tier over time.
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    NFL Draft - Round 1 Results

    I'm happy with the Ravens pick of Rashod Bateman. I'm on the fence with the Oweh pick, but Ravens DC Wink is in love with the pick, so I'll defer to his judgement this time around. I wanted Elijah Moore in purple and black, but it wasn't in the cards. Eric DeCosta did a lot of "high risk, high...
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    Got a PS5!

    Nice. Good to see some people are able to grab them before all the scalpers. I won't grab a PS5 until '22 or '23. With PC gaming, I really don't have a need for a console anymore. BUT, I do want one for Gran Turismo. Enough rambling though, congrats again on the pick up. What games do you plan...