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    Help with Refund

    Noxia sighting!
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    Help with Refund

    You might be able to tweet them on twitter. Their twitter support might be able to help you, but I doubt it. Have you tried calling their 1-800 number?
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    [OT] What PS5 Games Are You Looking Forward To in 2021-2022?

    Gran Turismo 7 MLB: The Show '22 I enjoyed the time I played of GT Sport and now, GT7 looks to be the full experience that OG players have come to love, so I'd like to enjoy that experience as well. I'm excited for MLB '22 to see if they unlock the full potential of PS5 or will it be held down...
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    Gameranx: 10 Remakes The PS5 Desperately Needs

    The only games that need to be remade are... Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Def Jam: Fight for New York Gran Theft Auto: Vice City Socom: Confrontation MAG WWF: No Mercy WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 Syphon Filter Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots MVP Baseball: 2005 Just name your price...
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    NFL Thread

    Shame it happened to him, especially since he's playing for a contract. I think he'll ultimately bounce back and still sign a huge deal with the Cowboys. Now them Ravens, hopefully, are about to hand the Steelers an ass-whooping. I've been going back and forth about this game. I had the Ravens...
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    Sony Confirms There's No Free PS5 Upgrade For PS4 Spider-Man Players. You better pay $70 or be happy with the PS4Pro version at best.

    The finesse of big business and the goofiness of the consumer thinking these big businesses' are on our side. Sony has been coming off arrogant for a long time now, but the brand loyalist are starting to see what's really going on. We must hold both Sony and Microsoft accountable when they do...
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    Rumor: Bloodborne Remaster Is Coming And Will Have Extra Content

    Bloodbourne would be a great reveal for all fans who loved those games, but... We know why I'm here. Let's hope the MGS reMAKE is true.
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    Which games IPs would you want to see again on PS5

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Remaster Socom 5 MAG 2 Syphon Filter Capcom vs. SNK 3 Show me a good time, Next-Gen. Show me a good f'n time!
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    Need to buy new PS5 in this year?

    Unless its a game that comes out this year that you want for PS5, I'd tell you to wait. For me I know I'll be waiting at least a year or so unless Sony shows something absolutely crazy on Aug 6th.
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    Watch and rate the Full PS5 reveal event

    I'll give it a 7/10. Nothing really jumped out at me personally, but I was happy to see GT7. Sony and Rockstar are smoking dope if they think I'm buying a FOURTH version of GTA V. You got me on PS3, PS4 and PC. Y'all can kick a ton of rocks and suck my disk! As I've stated on multiple forums...
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    PS5 design thoughts

    I like the look of the Digital version better. Feel they should've found a way to implement the disc drive in the black part of the console instead of that eye sore on the side, in my opinion. And I think it was posted on a CNET article that Jim Ryan stated the SSD will be 825 as the regular...
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    Install GTA V from disc and play using digital game

    Nope, I'm pretty sure you have to download the digital version. As the disc version will always do a "disc check" to make sure you own the game.
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    Glad to see you're still around and kicking. Hope you're staying safe during these crazy times.

    Glad to see you're still around and kicking. Hope you're staying safe during these crazy times.
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    Shelf life/availability of digital PSN games?

    Driveclub has been de-listed. So unless its in your PS4 library, its gone forever. Just like that big booty girl you met on a cruise ship. #feelsbadman