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    Anon Is Back At It - I guess someone used Megaupload Anon is back and they arn't happy, launching attacks against multiple targets. All the big wigs in entertainment and even the Department of Justice. Are we sure Sony's offline today was...
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    Plasma TV / PS3

    Hey guys need some help here. I found a Boxing Day deal for a 43" Samsung for $300, but I'm aware of the plasma/video game stigma. Can anyone tell me if Plasmas have advanced where screen burn hasn't become an issue. If anyone can tell me why I shouldn't get this let me know, because it's a...
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    Boxing Day Deals (Canada)

    Hey guys, I hope I'm not missing another thread but I have some great news. For those in Canada that are boxing day vultures like me, alot of the boxing day flyers are out on the web. has alot of the good ones up already, so stop shopping and just fill out some IOU's. I've seen...
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    Ridge Racer Vita - 5 Cars & 3 Tracks - DLC To Add More Content Confirmed

    This is what worries me about the DLC issue. I'll admit I'm one of those people who doesn't mind a bit of extra cost, but this is BS. They should at least adopt a free to play, pay to stay philosophy. Kinda like Apple apps, get a bare version for free and if you want to extend the game cough up...
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    Forza 4: Car Customization/Design Options

    Last night I spent about two hours putting a complete vinyl design on an MR-S, and it got me psyched to do my next. Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do next? I'm mostly looking at tuners, or at least cars with a variety of body mods. It doesn't need to have the best specs, but...
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    Little Help with Netflix.

    Ok, so I've more or less just started using netflix on both my 360 and PS3 an I notice fair difference in quality. I find the PS3 quality is phenomenally better, can anyone else attest to this. Does the PS3 up scale the video it outputs? This goes for both HD and SD videos. Perhaps there is a...
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    UFC Trainer dev: PS Vita "a car wreck"

    Mr. Hall sounds a bit bitter, and understandably so. Something tells me we won't be seeing UFC trainer on a handheld. F34R had it right the 3DS is cheap gimmick, but that's kinda Nintendo's shtick. The VITA will have to meet some high expectations that I agree.
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    Drunk and on Drugs

    Has anyone here watched the new TV show from the Trailer Park Boys? Its the Drunk and on Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour. It's hilarious, completely out of left field even compared to the TPB. It's essentially variety show, the guys play an assortment of different characters. I highly recommend it.:D...
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    New Xbox 360 Recommendations

    Hey everyone, so I bit the bullet and got myself a 360 to partner with my PS3. What I want to know is what do you recommend be the first things I do/buy. I already got myself set up with a Live account, but what should I do next. Could you please recommend some essential games and/or...
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    PS3 Volume Issue

    Has anyone else experienced a lack of menu volume control for some DVDs/video files. I use one of the PS Soundbars for my audio setup connected with an optical cable. I've noticed with some movies that the on screen volume control does not do anything. The soundbar does have a remote so it's not...
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    What do you currently carry?

    The Austin Powers essentials: Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch.
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    Canadian Video Game Awards

    So anybody care to catch the CVGA's this year. Great show hosted by The Reviews on the Run guys, and some great performances by Video Games Live. Mass Effect 2 was the big winner, I had no idea it was CDN or Spiderman Shattered Dimensions for that matter. I found they had a pretty narrow field...
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    First Game you play when PSN is up?

    So I want to know what will be everyones first game back online. I thought about going SOCOM first but whats another day or two. I say COD just for that feeling of doing it again, the only concern will be gun choice. Just straight TDM as I imagine it will take time for a good group of core...