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    WKC 2 Region question

    Since there are different region versions and I want to get the EU version and live in US. Will there be any transferring problems. Since everyone had the international my save should be compatible or no? Also in terms of DLC can I buy US DLC for the PAL version or rather buy EU dlc and play...
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    Artists needed for gaming websites

    I need graphic artists for banners, wallpapers and I suppose avy art. I'm part of a small gaming site and we have 2 sites, one for podcasts and the other for clans and forums. I am looking for artists to help contribute. I can't really offer you anything however I'll happily credit you and make...
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    Forza 3 car trading and gifting?

    I need an R1 does anyone have one I can have or borrow or something? Is there a forza 3 car trading area or buying? Besides the auctions of course.
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    Ps3 trading/buying questions.

    I have two unusable Ps3's sitting here. Both fat 60gb that have died. I'm wondering if I should send them in to sony for the slim or just buy a slim? If I buy a slim I want a 250 for 300 US dollars. That's pretty much the only way I'd go out and buy them right now. Or would it be worth...
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    Ps3 Problem as of newest firmware.

    I updated to the newest firmware but ever since I've been having problems. Constant freezing and error codes. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and after most matches and sometimes during a lobby the system will lose sound and freeze. Then it will take forever to turn off but no YLOD. This seems to...
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    Free copy of MW2 Unopened Hardened

    Not sure if there's a specific section for this but here goes... I work on a podcast for ps3 and we do giveaways. Every month we switch what console gets whatever game. There's a 360 and ps3 podcast and we are looking for someone to win the MW2 copy we have. It's hardened edition and...
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    MW2 Trophy fix

    Not sure if this has been mentioned or not or if this is in the right section. But if you want mw2 single player trophies while you wait for online you can delete your game data and decline the patch for 1.01. Problem is you can't really see anyone online while you play. So no background XMB...
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    Has anyone gotten borderlands yet?

    I knew this game would break street release in most stores. Those mom and pop kind of game stores always do it and there's a ton in NYC. So I checked and it's out and I have it and been playing for a while. The controls are similar to COD and R2 is finally the trigger. The world is massive...
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    Firmware question.

    I have my psp and haven't touched it in about a year or two and it's at firmware 3.52. I saw the new CFW out there and wanted to add those CGI scenes and have all the stuff it can do. So if I upgrade it to the newest firmware can I still do CFW or does a new one block it? Also if I have a CFW...
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    Save question between psp and ps3

    Can I use the same save from my FF7 game on ps3 on my psp version? so if i want to go out and still play i can transfer it?
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    Infamous Voucher Question

    Not sure if this is the spot to post but it's about the game voucher. I went to GS I asked for my copy and he gave me my voucher. I though I was supposed to get the voucher via email. I didn't get one and then I pretty much messed up the scratch off well I didn't my friend did. We're missing...
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    More Duke Nukem conspiracy Apparently this person believes that 3D Realms is probably pulling our leg or Duke Nukem is coming. Me I feel what he says is true. It's lengthy I'll try to quote some for people who don't...
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    Preordering special deals question.

    I want to preorder infamous and prototype. Both have nice add-ons when you preorder from gamestop. Proto you get an alex figure that looks bad***. Infamous you get special powers. Who else has special deals like this and which is better? Also since I have a post going up...
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    PSN Game Suggestions

    I'm looking to buy a game maybe with its add ons I don't want to buy anything or spend over 40. I wanted to get some rockband songs maybe 3. Games I want Magic ball Cuboid I don't want both only one which is better? What other games are good to buy? I'm holding out on buying...
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    Awesome RB2 Players

    I do vocals hard/expert. I want to know if there's any really good players to help me set some high scores. I want to break a million! Add me and we can play my tour mode get trophies and all that fun stuff. I have 64 DLC so + if you got them too. Add me I'm on now I might not see you in...