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    Brucie = FPS Doug

    Anyone seen the series on youtube about gamers called PurePwnage . One of the characters in it is exactly like Brucie . :)
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    What is easier ? condemned or dark sector ?

    Hi peeps , brief intro . i am a raceing , sports , RTS gamer and i absolutely stink at any other type of games . Nowadays i dont have much time to play videogames so i want a game that is easy . which of the two dark sector or condemned is less difficult for this old noob . any feedback is...
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    Endwar GDC 2008 interview

    Apologies if this has been posted earlier . i cant wait to get my hands on this game , it seems they are pushing the boundries of console RTS games in terms of gameplay , voice activated commands and perpetual online wars .
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    Why Sony why ?????

    I cant understand why Sony still has not released the sixaxis bowling game on the European network . i mean its not like a Bluray game which requires a region specific marketing campaign and distribution outllets etc . All they have to do is put it up on the PSN and let us spend money to buy it...
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    2008 shopping list

    Hello , just wondering which games you guys are planning on buying this year . For me i can divide them into 2 categories , 100% definate and Maybe . 100% definate buys : 1) MGS4 2) GTA4 3) GT 5 4) Final Fantasy 5) Star Wars Force Unleashed 6) Resident Evil 5 7) Killzone 2 Maybe : 1)...
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    60gb vs 40gb

    hello , i am buying a ps3 for a friend . apart from an extra 20gb memory is there any other difference . Does the 40gb version have inbuilt wiffi ? my friend wont be playing ps-2 games so i dont care about backward compatability . i was told by someone ( not a reliable source ) that the 40gb...
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    Any decent RTS games on PS3 ?

    Hi all , just wondering if there are any good real time strategy games on the PS3 ?