• Ei, cara, beleza?
    Estava navegando pelo forum e n pude deixar de notar seu topico sobre MvC3.
    Belo trabalho.
    Enfim, se n importar me passa seu id da PSN e podemos jogar quando o jogo sair. Como eu moro nos EUA, dia 15 o meu ta na mão.
    Se tiver interesse me avisa.
    hey manhow did you get passed that problem the forum is having now? i cant get to the second page of your MVS3 thread it keeps telling me the page does not exist.
    Hey, I'd like to ask you something. I saw you changed the title of your SSFIV thread. I tried to change the title of the NFS Hot Pursuit thread without any luck. I mean, I went to edi, advanced and changed it, but it still says "Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Official Thread", but I added "New awesome screenshots", but that text you can't read. Any ideas? Thx.
    Thanks for the kind words. Btw, I had actually placed the 5 pin connector for the joystick backwards. The only two directions that were working were Back and Down-Back :lol:

    I had read about that so I didn't panic. I just re-opened the stick and sorted the connector.
    I did manage to catch the Break at about 10pm your time. Was actually at a family dinner beforehand. The finals was so intense!
    Done. Sorry for the delay. The notification system on this forum is nonexistent. If you PM me with these kinds of requests while I'm on, I can do them much faster.
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