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    IGN Killzone 2 review is up!

    Go read them now! Personally I liked the IGN AU review better. IGN USA: IGN AU: I'm glad to read that the game delivered to our expectations, particularly the visuals and gameplay. I cant wait...
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    Bourne demo's THX-certified TV calibration feature

    Hey guys. One of the first things I noticed about the Bourne Conspiracy demo's menu was the THX calibration option. I clicked on it and calibrated my HDTV accordingly and now I think my TV's picture looks significantly better. I'm using HDMI btw. Have you guys done this to your set yet? And...
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    I cant access to register for a konami id

    Somehow the website just wont load. Ive been trying for 5 days now. I'm thinking its because of regional server thing. Can anyone in the UK help me out and create a UK Konami ID? Please PM me so that I can give you the email add and username to be put in. I would greatly appreciate it and donate...
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    My bad luck with 360 while playing GTA4.

    Well, I have secured a copy of GTA4 and I must say, so far the reviews are dead-on. Unfortunately, after the mission where , my 360 died on me and there it was, the dreadful 3ROD. Now, I was scared ****less about it but when I restarted the 360, everything works fine again. My console had it's...
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    Mods Delete This Thread Please.

    I was surprised to see that the beta is available to download by everyone on the UK PSN store. I'm downloading it right now and so far it's going smoothly. Anybody tried it yet?
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    Anybody got an extra MGO Beta code? I need one.

    Since it's not available to the Asian region, I figured I might just try for the US beta. Unfortunately, I couldn't score the beta key online so if any of you guys got an extra one and feeling charitable, send a PM with the code, will ya? I'd really appreciate it. :)
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    Project Origin gameplay video is up!

    Click here: It's a pretty lengthy video spanning 17 minutes. There's no clear indication on which console the demo was running on since it uses a generic thumbstick icon but I think it's a safe bet to say it was taken from the Xbox 360...
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    Post your rock band's music links here!

    Well, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of musicians in this forum that loves to rock and play at gigs. Whatever your genre is, be it Death Metal or Rockabilly, just post the links to your music so that we can all have a listen and enjoy some music. I'll start off by introducing this band called...
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    Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights comments on PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison. Just thought I'd share this with you guys. It's worth noting that he and his team are developing an Xbox 360-exclusive game called Too Human. And the bolded line seems to indicate that he has no extensive experience on the...
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    PS3: The First Overclockable Game Console?

    I invite all of the tech heads in this forum as well as the PC whiz guys to generally debate about this particular subject. Hardcore PC gamers and manufacturers has been overclocking their stuff to achieve better performance than the default speed of a given hardware. Since the PS3 is said...
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    Third-party exclusives on rivaling consoles.

    I'm trying to gather the list of announced third-party exclusive games for both PS3 and Xbox 360 that hasn't been released yet to see who got more exclusive lovin'. Any missing infos are welcomed. Playstation 3 1. Tekken 6 2. Ridge Racer 7 3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots 4...
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    GTA4 is Xbox 360 exclusive Read. Cheer. Be merry. :D
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    New PS3 Rumor: PS3 Launch Speculation

    One of the possible reasons why Sony didn't show PS3 on this year's CES is because Sony wanted to give a full media focus on Sony's line of HDTV's and and Blu-Ray players. They have decided to drop all the PS3 bombs at the next Playstation event which is sometime this February. If you guys...
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    Splinter Cell 4 Screenshots (Unidentified platform)

    There's a batch of new screenshots of the next Splinter Cell on Here's one of them: It's unidentified that this screenshot is from the Xbox 1 or Xbox 360 version but if it is a screenshot of the 360 version even though it's still early in...
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    Devil May Cry 4 TGS Trailer Shows Some In-game Assets. Looks like the dante model is an in-game model even though it's not the final model. This is good news. Take a look at the screenshot of the model: