• hehe, thanks :D hopefully just continue with my current job lol. and she certainly is in Reading, but she's definitely left this place for good. you might be able to catch her attention on her site (carocat.co.uk), definitely on twitter lol.
    its going really well, I may have graduated :D lol. Good luck at MS :) I hope you enjoy yourself. You might even get to meet up with Carocat, she's a Readingite...
    i know how you feel, can't stop coming back lol.
    just living it one day at a time.

    that's not that bad. hey still gonna pass and do your business stuff. :lol:

    200 miles?? that sucks, if you think it's worth it then why not go for it?
    yeah reading is pretty far from Manchester. im sure everything will be fine though. and YEAH I GOT THE JOB! and its retail assistant. so im guessing ill be working at the campus shop if not will be in the bakery or one of the coffee shops. even so glad I have it and will be nice to have a regular income again. ive got an induction for it on march 12th where they just do all the health and safety bull**** and check i didn't lie on my cv and stuff so hopefully then ill find out exactly where im working and ill get my shirt and stuff. (and then roll on the cheaper entry to campus nights :snicker)
    no worries at all. im only on here so much because i procrastinate and have admitted that im a nerd to my best friend here. its all good though because she used to make youtube videos so she cant say anything :snicker. and yeah still spending a fortune (that I dont have- thankyou Natwest for my overdraft) ive got a house sorted for next year so thats the reason a lot of money has gone out. (what with the deposit and stuff) but even so. its hard when there are like 15 or so of us that reguly go out, becuase its hard to say no when 10 people are like COME OUT OLLIE !!!!. in the end you give in.

    from stalking your vm's i see you have an intership at MS. thats ****ing awesome. hope it all goes well. I had a job interview yesterday for the SU and they have probably got back to me today. just dont want to check my emials :lol:
    it's ok. i know your busy with school and everything. in fact i'm shocked you even still come around here. old habits huh? lol. well both maybe. cops over here pretty much need a degree in criminal justice now. so it's a possibility.

    don't be worried. if i remember right you were always really smart. shouldn't be an issue at all.

    congratulations! sounds like your going to be doing pretty well for yourself. internship with microsoft will probably help you out a lot in the future!
    hahha, no worries, lifes more important than the boards....yeah it got in and got a good mark weird :snicker

    good luck with yoru exams :)
    Yeah, not too bad, thank you. Had a few ups and downs lately, still trying to claw my way back up. Oh, well.

    Hope you had a good birthday.
    yeah im at uni as well, essex (not as good as manchester but meh) doing history. really enjoying it, but it was just the first term so you know, its kidna the easiest. spent faaarr to much money though, might have to go out 1 night less this time.
    well I havent been for about a month so yeah :lol: and the coursework I'm procrastinating right now is killing me slowly, lol but yeah the courses were fun. I should get back to coursework >.< :snicker
    it's fine. just doing work. thinking about starting a degree in criminal justice, maybe become part of the NYPD. thought about doing that alot wheni was there for new years.

    lol exams do duck, but your almost done with them. surely there is someone who can help you find a job.

    well that's one way to get in lol. as long as your there doing something right?
    happy birthday x. this forum misses you.

    also hows uni going, got a friend at Manchester doing eng lit, shes really enjoying it
    Why hello thar Holly. Just doing my mandatory 3 month checkup on old chums from PSU :snicker

    So, how have you been? :)
    yeah its hard, but thats the fun :D. and I'm Computing and Maths, I know someone doing your course XD you enjoying it still XD
    2nd year? my my growing up so fast lol. year off sounds great, just don't get to comfortable, know someone who took a year off, never went back. so finance industry for your business stuffs? lol still thinking about going back later for space stuffs? my plans include re-enlisting , doing marine security guard, then going into MARSOC (special forces)
    they're gooping pretty fly :D 3rd years pretty fun so far :lol: glad to hear you're getting on so well. What do you do again? hehehe
    @ Cyklops - Spammer?

    Anyway, hey Holly! It's been quite awhile since you and I have talked. How's life been treating 'ya?
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