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    The Oddest Request you'll ever see.

    Is anyone online who has some skills because I need a template for baby shower. Yes WTF I know but I don't have any thing on my laptop but MS Paint. I need some help badly this baby shower is this Friday. It's a boy I need blue white and grey colors and I need a space to place a message and...
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    Forza 5 should have been delayed

    For is to be released for $60 and then on launch day there is a $50 Car pass pack for 60 cars packs will be released every month durning the first week of the month. I think they should have just added those cars into the game day one. Im all for DLC just not day one I feel the same about BF4...
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    Physical and digital how do they really stack up?

    There has been a lot of debate/discussions over whether to go digital or physical for this console generation. With the implementation of Playstation Plus' free game downloads and discounts how many games have you purchased over the year? Also if you did have a 500gb hdd and games like KZ:SF are...
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    WTH Microsoft I hope this isnt true

    According to a report on Neogaf Microsoft is paying off third party developers to not show their Playstation 4 games. Say it isnt so Microsoft a sad day in gaming if true very competative MS way to go.
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    Playstation 4 ad real or fake?

    I just happened to browse to a website talking about a BF3 boycott and i came across this video at the end of the article. I dont know how to embed the video sorry but its towards the end of the video...
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    IMO Sony didn't plan on competing with MS

    As we go farther into the PS3's life cycle it becomes apparent that Sony was expecting direct competition with the next Dreamcast. (Sony attempted to create the next Dreamcast) I do not believe they have entirely casted MS out of the equation but there are parallels between the Dreamcast and...
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    looking for a better setup

    I'm currrently working on a porsche 959 rally car since psn has been offline I've found more time to tune. With that said I've have begun to focus on rally racing. Group b spec cars have caught my attention so I figured why not build a car garage full of potential group b cars. I've ran a...
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    The fbi is on anons tail!!

    Saw this on the playstation forum
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    Sony's Tablet PC's S1 and S2

    Sony going after the ipad and DS. I think this is pretty interesting just hope the price is right. Video
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    boomerang controller

    Most would agree that the xbox 360 is more comfortable than the ds3, but if the boomerang controller would of had dual shock could it have been succesful? It was unique in design but the early specifications for it suggested it could have been comfortable.
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    Good Idea for all games?

    I have had the following games but ive run into a slight problem -Uncharted DF -Cod 4 -Cod 5 -Infamous -MGS4 -Ninja Giaden Sigma -Army of Two -Mirrors Edge -MotorStorm -MotorStorm PR -Far Cry 2 -Rainbow Six Vegas 2 -Killzone 2 -GTA 4 -GT5P -The GodFather -Tekken 5 -Street...
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    If there was a GT5 PS3 Bundle?

    Would it be foolish to hold back on buying a new slim ps3 in hopes of a GT bundle? After seeing the FF Slim Bundle im keeping my fingers crossed for a GT bundle which would probably feature Nissan. Im picturing a Nissan GTR spec P slim lol or a GT Academy slim. If you could have a GT5 ps3 what...
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    I turn my ps3 on today and i receive this bogus message from steez503 "ps3 is ending call of duty contract. this means that modern warfare 2 will be the last of the call of duty series on ps# and become an xbox exclusive (which is BULL) In order to send a message to ps3 headquarters on...
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    My cbest buddy died today its all my fault :(

    Today is a good day for most ps3 owners today the mighty have fallen. No longer shall people be made victums of my acts of tranny on psn. Today my best friend is gone farewell ps3 you fought a long battle live a harsh life. Played daily for hours on end and sometimes played for days. Today i...
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    GT5 Shift or Forza

    Im stuck desiding what would be a better game. Im thinking GT5 = NFS Shift>Forza 3 Now before im called a fanboy or flamed. Id like to explain my reason why. GT the series has been a very good game and its always felt like a high quality experience for me reguardless of a few technical...