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    Qello HD Concert App for PSVita

    Hey I did a quick search and found this app thats out for the PSVita. It was originally announced back in November for the PS3, but a date for the PSVita version was never stated. I browsed around the NA PSN store for updates today and found out that this was released with no major announcement...
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    Image request

    Hello Ladies and gents! I've been at this forum for sometime and am no stranger to the talent in our design section. I've come to you guys for sig requests in the past, as well as design request for arcade sticks, and other personal projects. This time I've got another odd request for anyone...
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    Vita PAX announcements

    Today a few new titles were announced to be landing on the Vita in the near future. Samurai Gunn Dust Force VVVVVV Cosmic Star Heroine Road not taken Check some of the vids here
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    Sig Request 10,000 sp

    Alrighty guys 10k for the winner.. Take this sig and have your way with it.. 500px / 150px you've got until umm lets say Monday.. but hey if you get'em in early and I see one I like i'll just grab that one.. So let me know if your interested in the contest so I can hold off until I see...
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    Arcade Stick Contest Round 2! Now 20k! 1st place 10k 2nd

    Alright all you designers out there, I know some of you have been egerly waiting for me to announce the next contest and so here it is! Same rules apply for those of you who know already, but for the other here goes: I'd like you to design an Arcade stick for me!! Let me explain: I...
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    Arcade Stick Results!!!

    Hello everyone!! As some of you may know a few months ago I held a contest asking some designers to deck out and arcade stick template for me..The prize of course being Skill points and rep, but also as a special treat the winning design would actually be made into an arcade stick. I know...
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    Myst Finally makes it's way to NA PSPs..

    Source Don't know if anyone really cares or not, but I figured it was news worthy. Especially since I find and news of a new psp title coming out soon to be good news! I've never played a Myst game before, but seeing as how they've been porting it and porting it since 1993 I may give it a...
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    No More Heroes 2 Last Wii outting..

    Got this over at Kotaku: Seems interesting... Personally I'd like to see the franchise's original titles come to the psn or xbla since I personally don't own a wii.. If anything I think they should bring the title to other platforms as well as the wii.. No point in completely leaving the...
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    Infraction for individual217 - No Spam [rule 1]

    Post: (80029564) Error Problem User: individual217 Infraction: No Spam [rule 1] Points: 25 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
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    Infraction for Holiety: Instant Perma-Ban

    Post: I Just Got User: Holiety Infraction: spam Points: 25 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post: Cute no!?
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    Psp2 + FF Agitio Sig/Avatar Contest!!

    Hello all!! I was wondering if you could make me a sig and avatar combo, featuring the Psp2 concept images and FF Agito for the psp as well! Easy part first.. If someone could make me a Avatar using this picture.. Scale it down sharpen it up.. Whatever you want to do just make it nice and...
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    10,000 sp Contest!

    Hello all designers out there I've got a request for you!! I'm looking to run a contest that's more than just a sig or avy request! I'd like you to design an Arcade stick for me!! Let me explain: I want you to download this template and pretty much design it anyway you want, but just...
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    Infraction for Whinnysnumn: Instant Perma-Ban

    User: Whinnysnumn Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban Points: 25 Administrative Note: Message to User:
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    Infraction for Sakaponne: Instant Perma-Ban

    User: Sakaponne Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban Points: 25 Administrative Note: Message to User:
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    Infraction for AlepsperStelt

    user: AlepsperStelt Infraction: Instant Perma-ban points: 25 admin note: dirty dirty porn spammer :(