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    iPhone and iPod touch to act as PS3 remote via 3rd party software.

    Alright I don't know if this was posted yet but here it is from Gizmodo:
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    Question: Taco or Burrito?

    Burrito for me, since it has rice and stuff.
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    PS3 games coming in 2009

    Alright we know 2008 is set so I thought it would be fun if we each post a title that is upcoming in 2009. No double post titles! I'll start first: God of War III
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    Ful screen playback on BR movies for the PS3

    Just wondering, is there an option to have full screen playback on BR movies rather than the standard Letterbox view. If so, how does one go about setting this up before a movie starts and during as well? The help would be much appreciated!!