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    GfWL is officially on its way to its grave

    GfWL service can go to hell. It was one of the most pathetic piece of service to grace the pc gaming.
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    MS is pitching the Xbox One to small businesses

    And after the meeting, they'll have fun playing Dead Or Alive Super Extreme Volleyball Bouncy..
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    Julie Larson-Green taking charge for Xbox?

    Yikes. What is her credential when it comes to gaming?
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    Don Mattrick leaving MS

    Another turn of event:
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    DFC: "The entire future of the Xbox business is in question"

    More bad news, it never seems to end.
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    Titanfall : PS4 version a possibility?

    Well its EA, and they can't really ignore money. :icon_thumright:
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    Lulzsec to 'retire' ?

    Their so called 'retirement' might have to do with recent Team Poison backlash. :lol:
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    LulzSec hacked?

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    Nintendo Wii U's processor (based of IBM's Watson?)

    Nintendo's new console ain't going to be a simple Wii HD.
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    Uncharted demoed on Sony NGP

    Uncharted on the NGP Looks great graphically and I'm sure gameplay will be fun. However it seems silly to have some of the action done via touch gesture (feels more like tacked on). Whatever happened to using buttons?
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    X360 RROD fix with heat gun?

    I have a friend asking help to fix his RROD X360. He thinks I could do it because I have fixed a PS3 YLOD before. I read about the X-clamp fix but you have to buy the clamp for that, and even that does not guarantee the fix will be a success. So I want to know if the heat gun method will help...
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    MS wants to lead PC gaming (yeah right).

    MS support for PC gaming has been pathetic at best. GFWL is still broken, not supported in many countries, lack of any AAA titles, killing off PC game developers, and many more. Fable III for PC? Pathetic! Where's Halo 3 / ODST / Reach ?
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    Advertisers leaving PSN Home?

    It seems that advertisers are not impress with Home and I can understand why.
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    GFWL is killing PC gaming

    I'm pretty pissed at the way MS handles GFWL service. Its bad enough that its supports only 26 countries, its even worse when some of the GFWL are still being sold legally in those 'unsupported' countries'. Dirt 2's GFWL fiasco was a good example. I really don't know why PC developers would...
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    Selling off SFIV to get SSFIV - Yay or Nay?

    So we all know about Super Street Fighter IV coming next year. Not only its said to be half the price, but it comes with 8 extra characters. Would it be wise to sell of my current Street Fighter IV so as to get funds to buy Super Street Fighter IV?