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    Solution to "hanging" with friends... (Don't do it.)

    Everyone is complaining about hanging with friends. Just so you know, if you don't want to do it, but don't want negative like, accept to see them, then call and cancel plans.... No harm done. Even simpler, go into silent mode on your phone, in options.
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    A living city? Liberty

    Ok, I might be going crazy, or I might be seeing whats there, and I don't know if Rockstar mentioned that the city would do this, if they did it's fairly boring info but if not, very interesting. I was just killing pidgeons, to Gamesradars guide, when I went to Dukes station. It was closed and...
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    Somebody told me....

    I've now had the freezing issue happen once... I simply held the PS button and it went to the PS menu, then I went back in and it worked.
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    Dwayne or Playboy X (Spoilers)

    What to do what to do? You've got the current king of the town, with up and coming prospects in developing (possible big money). Or the old dog just out of prison who's **** out of luck. Which one do I choose and how does it effect the outcome of the game?????
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    This is Vegas - Sigs

    I just randomly spotted this game out and about... looks like it will be awesome if it's done well. Anywho here's some sigs for it if anyone wants them. Hearts - Spades - Diamonds - Clubs - Main promo - Casino's
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    Grand theft auto 4 - Judging the graphics? (IGN PREVIEW)

    I feel personally that too many people are judging GTAIV's graphics too early. You've only seen screen stills and gameplay videos of very small amounts. I read an IGN article that gives much more hope towards the full potential of this games realness/graphics that we havn't seen yet. Some...
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    Battle Realms

    Does anyone remember this game? It was a real time strategy brought out in 2002-2004 somewhere in that area. It was chinese inspired and you took control of the Wolf Clan, or the Dark Lotus clan, or two other options I can't remember. It was an awesome game. First question, anyone know if you...
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    PR: Assassin's Creed

    Personal Review: Assassin's Creed The Game: Assassin's Creed. Another multi-platform Ubisoft creation. From the team of the critically aclaimed Prince of Persia series, and following a similar them you could consider it the next gen brother of the Prince. Maybe even the king? It's similarities...