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    Private Tracker Invite

    I'm looking for some private trackers with faster speeds and decent variety. I currently own a HD-bits and Demonoid account with great ratios. So here's the thing, I understand that many people are cautious about giving out invites because many freeloaders abuse them, and I completely agree...
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    Water that does not get things wet

    I saw this and it looked like it could be used for PC cooling in the future. Here's a video of it(direct link):
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    San Andreas rating changed to AO I honestly was not expecting this. Just because it was disabled and needs a hack to get it working, they give it an AO? This is the first AO game ever if I'm not mistaken. This'll probably make San Andreas sell even more though
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    What is your gender?

    I was just wondering what gender the members are. From the posts, I'm assuming males mostly, although I could be 100% wrong.
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    Xbox Games on you PC?

    If the xbox core is put into Longhorn, you know it'll be hacked. Eventually it will get ported to Linux by consumers, and then we can play them on the PS3 with Linux. I don't think this is 360 though, just original Xbox.
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    Developers have seen Revolution controller

    So the Revolution will be all about the controller and contain no "Fluff" that the other consoles have. I think I'll be getting on when the price drops under $150, just for the heck of it, and so I can play duck hunt again :)
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    Final Fantasy PS3 to use BD?

    I was looking up FF for the PS3 and ign is reporting: That means that it either has such great graphics that it needs more space, it's really long, or both. I'm hoping for the latter.
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    Cookie problem with firefox on multiple PC's

    I have two PC's at two different locations, both running Firefox. Normally I don't have to login due to the auto-login feature, but a lot of the time it doesn't remember the last time I was here, it just says I was last here at whatever time it is now, thus having no new topics to read. I have...
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    TWitcast 9 released

    If you haven't heard about it, TWit (This week in tech) is a podcast produced by the former members of Tech TV (AKA Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Yoshi, and various others) and episode 9 has just been released. Check it out if you want :)
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    Is this the controller?

    Probably not... I don't see any kind of BC with only one button
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    PS3 Pics *56K & Violent Content Warning* Updated 3/30

    Since we don't have a thread devoted to the pictures and videos of the PS3 and its games, I thought I should make one. Feel free to use this post as a bookmark for images in the future. I have them all hosted on . 7/11/05-changed the layout so 3 images were next to each...
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    Slight change to the 1337 talk rule please

    I've noticed many new users typing in IM kind of chat. IE "dat" not "that" "iz" not "is" and it just makes the topic downgraded when a user speaks like this not to mention almost unbearable to read. I think most user, like me, will simply skip over the post. I think we need to elongate...
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    Think about this modification to the forums

    I've seen many people who disregard spelling in their posts and sometimes it can be a little bit annoying. I've more recently been using my gmail account to spell check my posts to make sure they are correct. I was searching around the phpbb mod site and came across this...
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    Perpendicular Hard drives

    I've heard a little bit about perpendicular hard drives recently, and I was wondering how much more space the different hard drive makers are predicting. I've heard this: 3.5" up to 1TB 2.5" up to 200GB or so 1.8" (ipod) 80gb currently being produced 1" (microdrives) up to 20gb has...
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