• I don't know if y'all have the same thing where you at, but in some schools when you Double major, you can get two degrees for one tuition price and in the same years. They say sometimes you stay a little over 4 years, however, though.
    My plan is to double major in computer science and Marine Biology. Then i'll just grow old and die afterwords :snicker
    Yeah its a fan art render was just making a sig for another forum and made a little avy here for myself.
    Lol...So just keep using mostly physical attacks on it right?
    Floor 64 and full moon huh? Cool
    I think I'll grind a little bit. Just started floor 40. Thanks though man I'll let you know if i need some help that cool?
    Oh I see Hama..you might wanna mess around fusing personas to see if that'll help out. And lvl grind a bit I'm at lvl 17-18 and I just saved fuuka. That battle was pretty easy I'm surprise I didn't lose luckily I had Valkyrie and Rakshasa full moon bonus murdered them. Well, I hope you find a way to kill him man.
    Ok cool man Thanks for letting me know. I need to really work on my charm and courage there at like rank 1 or 2. While my academics is at Average.
    Oh ok good to know. If you ace it Mitsuru just gives you Page set cards it just boost your persona stats a bit also I heard that the prodigy platter in the restaurant is slightly better than studying in the library.
    Where did you get that? A rare chest in the Tartarus? Lol I'm assuming you'll be going down the prez's route too.
    I forget where I am but I just finish the midterm exams(aced it by the way haha) and just started up the next part of the tartarus made it floor 26 or 27.
    You're doing a good job. Another role for Serah you should pay attention to is "Sabetour". Both of them make good sentinels.

    What I did was I developed my paradigm roles evenly. I wouldn't have it any other way, but that's just my preference. You're doing right, Noel is stronger than Serah, but Serah has a higher magic strength.

    I recently beat FFXIII-2 not too long ago, so if you get stuck anywhere and need some help, you can always ask me about it. :D

    Enjoy the game!
    Yo man

    I tried the direct ethernet connection between them, it kept giving me issues and wasn't working - under System settings it's called 'Data transfer utility'
    So I just did backup/restore instead; just plug in a USB storage device with enough space and go to backup and it just transfers the data onto the usb hdd, mine took about 6 hours for whatever reason. Then on the new PS3 just plug the usb in and go into the same area again but choose restore, and that took me about 1 hour

    The shitty thing about backup/restore is that it doesn't transfer over your game installs, and games/demos DL'd off the store - just your videos and pictures and shit. Data transfer utility (ethernet) trasnfers all that shit over , but it just wasn't working for me
    Well it's at least good exercise, I guess. =P
    Yeah man. I live in Dubai now. Will be moving to either London or Manchester in a couple more months for uni. What about you? I believe you stay in US, right?
    Oh boy lol Someone else asked the same thing. The name is Yoko Littner. From this series Gurren Lagann I like.
    Haha you know what, while posting that pic I was thinking to myself that 'Hey, itachi's doing engineering and I bet he's gonna respond to this' and you DID! xD :lol:
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