• Tell me about it. I too couldn't hold the tears back when I was turning the last pages. The movie was meh, I kind of regret watching it. It was much prettier in my head.
    oh, yeah. lol, i got off the forums for like... 4 months ago? or even more. That's because I have to study .. real fkn hard. or else i'll fail. so yeah, i think i'll visit this forum once in a while. but yeah, What's up? :D
    I'm still around, i just dont post in the same threads as you. I dont even post in that thread about counting anymore, its boring :)
    You'd have you answer if you just clicked on it. :p

    It leads to my Steam games, where people can add me on Steam or see what I play.
    You don't know!? Wow, I thought you would.

    About a week ago, I too maxed put my rep bars, so I had a talk with the mods and admins and they decided to give me another one, as you may have noticed I'm already half way through my second one.
    Go ahead and ask Vintage, he'll tell you everything.
    So how come your user name sounds Japanese when you have a Pakistani flag as well?
    Actually I'm not a Sufi but I like this concept in Islam. I'm a Muslim though.
    Dead Island, at least so far, is worth it too. Its my crack till Dark Souls comes out. I can play it for ages without realizing, and - IMO - when that happens its a good sign your enjoying yourself. Only "issue" i've encountered in about 12 hours of game time is the game pauses/slo-mos when I cut off a limb or something. Only happened a few times, but it reminds me of when they did that in Fallout 3 so I write it off as on purpose. Though my opinion could change since im still fairly early in (Only on chapter 3, I explored a lot) so im not sure if the game gets buggier the farther in you get, but right now I'd say if your interested to get it.
    Note: Longer then intended but I figured you wouldnt want a "I liked both, there awesome". Now im not sure if this will help any at all, I really suck at explaining stuff - and being tired doesnt help me. So ignore my failness.. lol

    Deus Ex is totally worth it. The boss fights suck, but the story - in my opinion - more then makes up for it. Just remember not to try and run and gun and you should enjoy it. I told my friend to stop run and gunning cause he kept telling me how much it sucked, after he added some stealth he started to like it instead.
    You got it! :lol:
    It was given to me by one of my best friends while playing football when I was a little fatter since no one could go past me at the defensive line before the goal :snicker
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