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    what is better 4v4 or alot of players?

    what do u guys like better a small team or large teams i personally like little teams cause it is more personal and it is easy to make rivalries and friends
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    comcast on demand has halo3 footage!

    if you go to comcast on demand then the cutting edge then g4tv then games then halo3 brutes. it has actual ingame footage of halo 3 and explaines then new role of the brute and how it is going to take the place of the elite
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    where do you get moving avatars?

    i don't know where to get moving avatars do u guys???
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    x360 and ps3 are even

    after doing research and talking with friend i have come to the conclusion that the x360 and ps3 are even! the x360 gives you a cheaper system and any attachments you have to buy seperatly, but you have the option of buying it. the ps3 is a more expensive consoule but gives you more stuff with...
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    are the $500 discontinued???

    it is about a month before my birthday so my nana and i looked EVERYWHERE! gamestop, eb games, circuit city, and bestbuy we even checked out the online stores and they are nowhere to be found. if there are stores that have them could u provide a link please? my nana said she will pitch in the...
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    any current ps3 vs. x360 websites?

    i have this old teamate from x360 how i email from time to time, and i keep on telling him to switch to the ps3, but he says "no way until u can give me proof" and i cannot find any current side by side comparrisons. do u guys no any links?
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    Movie name game!

    i played this game for about 12 hours with my dad when we drove to pittsburgh. and on other forums. i will say a movie and then the ending letter of a movie is what u use at the beginning of another movie such as forest gumP then the other person would say Pay it forward. Don't forget the...
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    *OFFICIAL paintball thread!!!

    i love paintball i play all the time. my grandma owns about 100 acres in northern minnesota, some of it was used by the mines so there is a HUGE hole in the ground about 45 feet deep and about 200 by 300. my cousin and i took about 12 old pallets and put them everywhere, on each side trenches...
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    suggestions for mods.

    i think you guys need to ban more people, cause i am sick of these threads about how bad mods are or how sad people are about mods. just start banning people that talk out about mods that's all u got to do and people will respect u guys again.
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    OFFICIAL who is buying the wii thread!!!

    allright almost every wii thread turns into this question i say diehard nintendo fans, children that are upset about what they got for a birthday present, and eric cartman what do u guys think?
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    uncool u are doing a good job

    yo uncool i have heard from my sources that you have been taking alot of heat from a person who has been a mod and has done his fair share of mod bashing. i just want to say i think you are doing a good job, i know i am new and it will not change anything but keep up the good work
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    Easiest sig tutorial pics and all!!!

    i helped make this tutorial a while back it was one of my first tuts i helped make i have more and will make my own if u guys like this one. keep in mind this is just an old recycled one that i worked on with multiple people i made the pics and another wrote this. 1) First head on...
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    what social group are u in at school??

    ok i was wondering what kind of cliques or groups u were in at high school? i am kind of like in the group that is to cool for school, like we don't do school work, skip class, and smoke pot before school. but we are still popular. i am an in the closet gamer
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    OMG deal or no deal!!

    2 people in one show picked $1,000,000 cases and they both settled for less than $1000,000 i felt bad but i still laughed:twisted::DD
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    300 did AMAZING in the box office

    check out the box office stats on 300 IT IS AMAZING!