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    PS4 casing scratched..

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had any marks or scratches on their console? I unboxed mine, took the plastic off the console and there was a rather large scratch on the top of it (the matte part, not the shiny bit). I was rather disappointed, but the console is working fine so I'm not...
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    Playstation 4 vs PS3 size comparison

    I must say, Sony have done a pretty amazing job at getting it that small, with the kind of spec the PS4 has, and how much heat it must generate, its pretty well sized. Also found this...
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    Use your PS3 Dualshock 3 on your Sony Mobile Pretty cool, wonder if it will work with android games, or just Playstation Mobile games.
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    Sorry, but what is going on in the UK... im actually seeing adverts!!

    So i have been watching t.v for a few hours this evening, on a couple of different channels... E4, Channel 4, ITV.... and there has been so many PS3 ads... Probably around 10 ads i have seen.... mainly the one advertising Eyepet, singstar and bluray... there was also one for... get this...
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    Why doesnt it support in game soundtracks?

    I thought Modern Warfare was going to support them, i wish it did. Will it be patched in do you think? Why are devs not adding it in to begin with =/
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    Hmm, anyone else's PS3 sound like a printer when playing MW2?

    Like the title says? My PS3 sounds like a printer when playing modern warfare 2.... i didnt realise untill now (because its late here in the UK so i turned the TV down), and all i could hear was, what i thought was the printer in the lounge (as it is very loud haha).... turns out it was my...
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    Cool feature, you can see what they are doing from your friends list...

    I thought this was a cool feature... its been on the 360 since launch, now Modern Warfare has it implimented... Under your friends PSN, it now tells you where they are in MW... for example... Pre-game lobby, Playing team death match in Terminal, At the main menu (just a few from my friends...
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    MW2 Release prices... *UK Supermarkets*?!?

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone can confirm the release prices for Modern Warfare 2 at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury's? I have heard that Asda are selling it for £27 on release (although when i called they said they didnt know a price yet) Sainsbury's are apparently selling it for...
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    Found Modern Warfare 2 for the normal price of £39.99 have it listed for £39.99 Im not sure if this is just an online deal...but everywhere else i have looked its been more than £39.99.....the next cheapest is for £42.99 Sorry is posted....i thought you guys might want to its overpriced most other places...
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    How do u back up my stuff? Help :(

    Hi, so i have just bought a slim and wanted to back up all my stuff off my current PS3 so i can transfer it to my new one. I have an External HardDrive (250GB) but when i go to system settings and back up it says... insert storage media at the save destination. The HDD is plugged in to the...
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    Does the slim come with Firmware 3.0? If so...

    If i put my HardDrive in how will i then get FW 3.0? My slim is coming tomorrow, so the new firmware wouldnt have been released....will i just use it without 3.0 untill it releases? Sorry probably a stupid question lol
  12. J have sent out their Slim's... receiving them tomorrow :)

    Just a heads up, i got an email and text confirmation earlier... Looks like we are getting them early :)
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    EA and Sony finally respond to the rumours EA's response EA said: Sony's response Sony said: Hmm wonder who it was then lol
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    Microsoft's answer to PS3 pricecut...£199.99

    It may be MS's answer to the PS3 price cut or it might be but on their news board, it said from tomorrow the price of the xbox 360 elite will be £199.99, we are now doing pre-orders for £189.99. What do you guys think of it?
  15. J offering Slim bundles for only £249... with 3 games! *Some now in stock* are offering the PS3 slim with 3 games for only £249 and one has 2 games..still for only £249. Great deal for anyone looking to buy. PS3SLIM01 PS3SLIM02&layout=1 Great deal! Anyone else seen...