• banning me is more evidence to show you care, lmao thats a crock of shit if i ever smelled one. medic is thinking about leaving, so are several others that i wont name, but all them know where to find my server at and that makes me happy inside. keep the measly ten dollars and use it to shut down your server cause my server will be better fit for all those whom left yours. really if you want the truth i think rapture shouldve been the owner cause he knows a hell of alot more then you about servers as well as he does all the work when it comes to "your" server, and ill let the forum know that.
    OK look you banned me that was shitty, i gave you 10 dollars for the server and you ban me, i even un griefed the place for you and you ban me, i want a refund of my donation money asap, so get a hold of paypal and make it so. just so you know everyone thinks you shouldve just made me a admin, cause im the only one that gives a shit about the server even after your posts about banning me i was cleaning it up. luckily im friends with every single member on the server and can let them know that you banned me, great job NOW GIMME MY MONEY BACK!
    i donated, couldnt figure out how to change the amount, you can consider me a usual subscriber if it doesnt go down in a month :<
    fyi, I don't mind your rants about your life, but your 'hate' against people like Blacksite is not appreciated, else I might have resubbed you
    Hey, no reason to apologize, bro. If I was even going through a fraction of what you say you're going through, I wouldn't be able to manage my life at all.

    Good to hear you're doing better, mate. Hope it gets much better for you in the near future, Jaeger. =)
    Oh my God! Dude, I am so sorry. =/

    Don't do anything rash that you'll regret later bro. I'm sure the kid's always gonna know that you're her dad, and that's what matters. Bro, I'm sure it's gonna work out one way or another. Don't worry, mate. =/
    Sorry bro. I wasn't able to reply earlier. Really busy with these ****ed up exams. Great to hear you're doing much better than what you were, mate. =D
    Lol, that chick was crazy.

    But yeah, doing well. I've actually been pretty great considering PSN is down :) I've beat my trophy addiction. Somehow something just snapped and I couldn't care less anymore. It's a really great feeling :lol: I got a promotion at my job and start at a new store on Sunday. Kinda nervous. And sad that I'm leaving the place I'm at now. I love everyone I work with. And now I have to be the new guy for a while.

    How you been? Hows the kid and stuff? Any women developments?
    Jaeger, my bro! How've you been? Didn't know you're ban period finished. Good to see you back, mate. =)

    I'm good bro. Exams start in 12 days. D:

    How's stuff on your side, dude? =)
    I'm good, boss. Just got over with exams, so I'm doing well. How about you? How've you been? I hope your situation has got better, J. =)
    Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply! I'm doing well right now thank you, how about you? :)
    Damn. I hope you can get through it alright. You managed to see your daughter at all recently?
    It's going no where at the moment. There's no ladies to go after so nothing is happening.
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