• Hey man. It's all pretty fine. I'm just doing my nut about university coursework - can't find any motivation.
    How are you doing?
    Weird, had no PM. Sorry about that.

    Just try and grab any chance you can to get away and speak to this girl. Tomorrow is your last chance to speak to her and try and make a move - well, not a move, you know what I mean. Seize the moment, dude, do what needs to be done.

    Nah, party week is 17th-21st. Got the week booked off work (paid too, woohoo). I'm beginning to think I looked too much into this or she was messing - she ain't text me for a while. Wouldn't be surprised if it were a joke.
    For some reason I couldn't write back on your wall here yesterday, so I thought I sent a PM. Anyway, at the time I was alright, but today at work I got annoyed. That other bird who I thought was gone is still there, but apparently it is her last week. I planned to go up there today to talk and subltely ask her out, but I couldn't get away because of annoying customers. I briefly saw her before work though and she said "Hi" to me first, and we exchanged a smile with each other when automatic doors wouldn't open for her. So tomorrow is probably the last chance I'll ever have to ask her - I just hope I can get away, because at work, I'm just a monkey, and if I can't get away, I can't get away without getting in trouble.

    When is the party? This weekend? I suppose you could go and at least see if she advances towards you. If she makes advances still, go with your gut.
    Hey man. Yesterday when you sent this, I was alright. Today, after work, I was pretty P'ed off.

    So you made your mind up?
    I'm drawing a blank here. I really don't know what you're referring to. I've had a ton of avatars but never a Mass Effect one. Sure you're not thinking of someone else?
    What are you talking about? O.o

    I don't think I've ever had a Mass Effect 2 avatar.
    Well bro, I'm sure you'll get some kind of break soon. You've hit rock-bottom, so optimistically thinking you can't get any worse. It's all going up from now on. I hope that can at least marginally cheer you up. Happy New Year, mate. Maybe the end of the decade means a fresh, better start for you.
    Sorry about that dude. Having any contact with her over the course of the day?
    Good on your bro. Maybe spend the evening with him? Would be nice.

    Ha ha, yeah, I wish. I will look for her on Monday. I just bloody ****ing hope she isn't gone yet. Feel like such a tool.
    Not at all, mate.

    First of all, my water pressure was down, but luckily that's picking up a bit. Secondly, my limited edition of Inception is slightly damaged on its corner. Not too much damage, but it's a collector's edition, and I'd like it to be perfect. And lastly, my mate at work informed me that the girl in the other department was a Christmas temp, and he THINKS her time may be up. Apparently he put in a good word for her and think they may offer her a permanent place. So, unless she her temp time finishes at New Year, or she stays, I've missed out and am gutted about that. My own fault I suppose. I will never learn.

    How's it for you, buddy?
    Merry Christmas, man.

    Sadly, it's been flattened somewhat. Nothing tragic, so I'm thankful for that, but I'm feeling gutted.

    I hope you're having a good one.
    Merry Christmas, mate! Have a good day, and I really do hope that you get to at least meet your daughter on this day.
    Sorry for the late reply, J. Got caught up with the last few exams. =S

    You do need a change of scenery. Seems like its not getting better for you at all, but I'm sure it will, mate. You have my word on it. =)

    Seems like UK's experiencing the largest blizzard of the decade, ironically set at the very end of the decade. I would give anything to be there now.
    It is a bit. I'm hoping to maybe have a quick trip to that other department to see if she's still there and maybe get some insight on what the company have planned for her after the Christmas period is over, and hopefully maintain some contact and momentum with her.

    Ah man, I'm very sorry about the case. If you feel you owe it to yourself to start off fresh, then you should do that. Don't let the rest of the world bring you down. I hope you can maintain some contact with your daughter at least, but don't let the world bring you down.
    Hey mate.

    Just to keep you in the loop - it snowed like mad here yesterday, and today, the girl couldn't get in to work. So that's it, she's gone now, because today would have been her last day. I'm gonna send her a message on Facebook wishing her luck with her new job and just mention that if she fancies going to see Tron: Legacy to give me a shout if you wants. All I can do now.

    And now they're taking my department's stock away from the area where that other girl worked, so I probably won't get to see her either now, and they may even place her in another department.

    So all in all, it's all gone pear-shaped.

    How's things your end?
    Yeah, I think I'm prepared to at least take the first one as a friend if nothing else.
    The second, ha okay. I will try and make some contact come Sunday though ;)
    Hey man.

    Rather than posting in the thread, there's nothing to report this evening :lol:

    I saw the other girl today, but she was really busy so I never had a chance to talk to her.

    Both will be working on Sunday, so hopefully something will happen... even if it just lets me know where I stand with the first one at least.
    For your own sanity, that might be the best option. But like I've said to YMF in the thread, let it be your decision. This is a serious issue so it should really be your choice on what to do, so I don't feel I can tell you what I think you should do or anything.

    Well thanks man. Really appreciate the thought.
    Yeah, I completely agree with you. I think I literally need a step-by-step guide on what to say really. Pathetic.

    Ah yeah I know a bit about that. Girls I've liked in the past - they treat me like ****, in terms of no reciprocating any niceness, but when they show me some attention I want to be with them all over again. What I've basically done now is just switch myself off to them, like blocking them on MSN, hiding them on Facebook and all that. I'm taking a more "bad ***" outlook on the front of birds who just seem to use me.
    But if she's telling you that she still has feelings then that must be really hard on you. I'm sorry about that. I don't know what I could say constructively.

    Other than that I'm just in my final year of uni, which is a piece of **** really. How about you?

    Btw, I wanted to rep you for your latest post in the thread, but can't. So thanks, man.
    Hey man.

    Yeah it's been a lot of months... I've been up and down, mostly down though, but I'm dealing with it in my own way now, so I'm coping with it a bit more. Just people I knowing being real tossers when it gets down to it.
    Anyway, as of right now, I'm caught up in this girl situation. My latest thoughts are in the thread... Embarrassing, but the truth.

    How about you, man? How did it go with the situation with your child's mother?
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