• I do see it from your perspective, but as you remember you were/are BOTH my friends, and i have seen you so why shouldn't i go see her when she asked? And it's not really my fault i saw your daughter to be honest...
    Well that's just mean...You can't hate me forever for something so silly.
    Yeah, the exams went pretty good, boss. =)

    Aye, I get what you're trying to say. You just need a new start and moving away from your current state is, I guess, the best possible decision now. So you and your ex are back to talking now?
    Sorry bro. I'm really sorry. I just had my SAT and TOEFL preperations going on at the time. Finished my TOEFL yesterday, so I am relatively freer now.

    Your decision is quite huge, mate. Are you ok completely with not being there when your daughter grows up? Sorry if that sounded rude, boss.

    Where are you planning on moving? Or have you already moved?
    Finally got around to getting my pictures up so I just posted the specs in theRecently Purchased Picture thread.

    Good to hear about the ex. Never really had to deal with an ex so I can't imagine the tension in some situations. Good luck with the job. I've been lucky to be in a pretty invincible industry and have been in it since I was 15. Just kept moving up. Not really my favourite line of work, but it pays the bills.
    Doing well. Just got my new computer; working on setting it up. Got it for free from a program I've been collecting points for the last 3 years. Pretty excited.

    And you? Find anybody serious yet? Any word on the new job?
    Ha, you misunderstood me. I would say, "I bought McDonalds for my daughter", but you say, "I bought A McDonalds for my daughter". It just made me chuckle :)
    No worries bro. i know you do not feel that why towards "all" Americans. Like I said, I only read what was quoted in the infraction thread. I did not read everything. No hard feelings here bro.
    You are right, I did not read it all. I only read what was in the infraction thread. Everyone has their opinions. Just caught me by surprise when I read it lol
    Hey Jaeger. Do you have AIM, MSN, or anything of that sort that I could contact you on?
    Well, I got two months from now to my SATs, so I've got to prepare really hard. Don't want to screw it up really. I'm going to school tomorrow (even though school hasn't reopened yet), and going to ask my administrator for help on all related matter. I think she'll help a lot.

    Thanks for the help and support, boss. =)
    Well, I'm taking my SAT reasoning test on November 6th, and I'm worried about how I'll fare. After those, I'll have to give my TOEFLs and apply into Universtiy of Waterloo, MIT, etc. Big year up ahead for me.

    I was just wondering how much preparation a student will need averagely for their SATs.
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