• But of course! I live to serve! :lol: Yeah last time I remember was on PSN and you were gonna ship me something to ship to you. Whatever happened to that :) Doing okay. 96 year old Grandma passed away last week so I've got a funeral to deal with tomorrow. It was her time. Been buys with work. Maybe moving sometime soon. You?
    Yeah. They really did their research with this game. There are some many hidden gems within the game that point to all the enemies of the Batman world. And they actually put effort into making the riddles, as there are quite a few of them.
    Good luck with the Platinum. I'm hoping to make mine Smackdown vs Raw 2010, simply because they're pretty darn easy :p I just need to get one more.
    So how are you finding Batman: AA?

    I've started playing it through again, but on hard this time. I still love it.
    That's true actually. There are some customers that actually make my day at work as sad as that sounds lol but yeah you do get the odd one that really does your head in, really have to bite my tongue sometimes especially when they're just rude for no reason.

    That's my mission! :p It is pretty cool, i like learning how finance and business work, really interests me. It's the calculations that can be difficult, there's a lot of maths involved.

    I think i might take you up on that offer, thank you :)

    Oh yeah i've seen you doing them, read the one you did last week, i think it's a really cool idea. So you're quite the ideas man i see? Ohh is that getting sorted now? I think when that's sorted it'll make a real difference since it's been down for so long. Lol i'm pretty intrigued to find out what's coming up now.
    Ah you're good salesman then? I work in Co-op and customers can get annoying, dunno how you put up with them lol.

    I'm doing accounting and finance, it's hard :( dunno how i passed first year lol.

    Lol it's ok. It's something i didn't use to divulge that much but over time my attitude towards it has changed. I started suffering from depression and anxiety about a year ago, it got really bad around about last November and i've had to have time off uni but i'm trying to deal with it the best i can now. Also, i broke up with my boyfriend of 4 and a half years in March and that was quite an ordeal. And i'm close to my sister and she was away travelling from December to June and i missed her a lot :( Just been a tough year.

    It's being reborn? That sounds awesome, are there exciting changes coming up? I was thinking about my video competitions, maybe when i get back to uni in a few weeks i'll set one up. Atm i'm here, there and everywhere doing different things, so makes it difficult.
    Good good :) yeah it's tough isn't it :( what kind of job are you after?

    Aww thanks lol i've always liked these forums but in the past year i've had a hectic year - started uni, got a part time job, some bad stuff has happened and i kind of got caught up in all of it. I come back when i can though :)
    Hey yeah lol don't come on here much anymore but still accepting friend requests :D Not too bad atm thank you, enjoying summer :) how about you?
    lol Well I have always been a leader than a follower. I am the original Rosie Jones avatar owner lol
    Second VM.

    Haha, they are really three different field, when you think about it. Well my reasoning is, Dentistry was an option mainly for the money. It's a lucrative field if you believe money's everything to life (haha), but in the end, being a doctor just wasn't me. Journalism because I always liked reading, and because I was fairly good in English, even though it wasn't my first language. Yet, even though I'm an avid reader, I just wasn't cut out to writing articles. I never had a passion for writing stories or articles. Lastly Engineering was the field I chose, particularly Electrical Engineering because I always had a passion for wires, and circuits. That may sound really odd, but I mean as in if I got a toy as a kid, I used to dismantle it to see the inner workings, and the fix it back into working condition. Simple reasoning at best.

    Also, you guessed my age correctly. I am 17. I guess I just matured faster than what I should have for 17.
    You make sure, that with all your power, you make the most of tomorrow with Anna. It's sad to hear that you won't be celebrating her birthday with her on the day, but I guess this arrangement of meeting her tomorrow is better than nothing. Plus, spoil her as much as possible. =) This is the age you can spoil them with toys and hugs, so you gotta show your love (haha, but I'm sure you already knew that). And lastly, If I may add, when you're with her, just imagine that her mother isn't there with the two of you. It'll make the scene much better.
    Yup, boss. Like you mention, her mother will always be influencing your kid's judgement of you, and that's when you have to be there to make sure that it doesn't stick in Anna's mind. I'm sure it'll all work out well in the end, J.

    Ohho! Journalism's a very respectable field, boss. It was a close second for my future along with Dentistry, but I ended up choosing Engineering in the end (I know, three completely different fields). I'm sure you'll do great in the field, J. =)
    It surely is scary stuff, boss, affecting the future of PSU. Like I mentioned prior, I can't wait to see them in action.

    Also, I understand you, J. It surely seems like you're walking a very fine line. Whatever your actions are, Anna-Lily's impression of you is affected, but it's just the degree at which it's affected which varies. I hope you take the correct decisions for both her and you, boss. Pursue your ambition in Journalism. Maybe that will help you get over all your ****.
    PSU surely isn't perfect, but it's atleast trying to be. Good to see you have stuff lined up for here, boss. I'd love to see them in action.

    Well if the break-up was better for both parties, then I guess it's the best decision. You may never know, boss. Maybe the two of you just need some time away from each other, to understand what you guys mean for each other. You know like they say, distance defines a relationship. But this is just me, being overtly optimistic as always. In the end, it's your life and your decisions, J. I hope you take the correct decisions, that you won't regret down the line. Anna-Lily shouldn't grow up thinking her father was the bad man who ruined the relationship between you and her mother.
    Second VM. Read the VM below first.

    It's great to hear that your baby is turning 1 already. Give her my wishes when you see her. I say, kids grow up so fast. One minute, they were just born, next minue, they're already 1. =)
    Truer words haven't been spoken. Seriously, I've seen a harsh spike in the number of complaints the forum's experiencing, even after the upgrade to 4.0. Now I know Seb isn't the perfect head-admin for the forum, and is more like a prodigal father who shows his face now and then over here, but what he and the rest of the staff are upto are to better enhance our experience over here. People fail to notice simple things like that, and keep blastig their heads off at the larger picture.

    Oh that's very sad to hear, boss. I hope your gf and you get back together soon. I'm sure you guys will. If she was willing to have a baby with you, and was will ing to raise it with you, I'm sure she loves you dearly and will get back with you before you even know it. And I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I hope you tell her family to **** off. The relationship's between you and her, not you and her family.
    Good job in helping Coma revive this forum to its former glory, Jaeger. People like you who take an initiative to help us all out must be thanked. =)

    Anyway how're you, boss? I hope that kid of yours is doing fine.
    awww man that sucks....damn mothers!...lol

    pretty sucky, failed most of this years exams. been working and revising for resits pretty much straight through all summer...alas
    Ha ha, good on you and the guy who took the trade-in. AA is a fantastic game, especially if you're a Batman fan. I really cannot wait for the next one.

    Yeah I was checking out bits and bobs of the second one, and it did look a hell of a lot better. The graphics were better, the gameplay looked more realistic, and the main character's voice was more fitting.

    If I ever get it though I will probably wait until I can get it cheap, because even though the reviews for the first one were all "top", well, we know how I felt about it in the end.
    Hah, thanks. Back at you as well.

    Though I may be cynical about online relationships due to my past with them... It still annoys me when I see others who show , what I've come to call, towards the subject.
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