• That is pathetic if that is the way they are thinking. I believe we should speak our minds also, thus my thread :lol:

    A mate of mine, who hasn't played the game, but has seen it being played, also agreed that the attacking element, particularly that of the enemies, was pretty pants too, as there are so many, as well as the graphics not being great either.

    Hmm, well when these games cost us money, I suppose it is right to be picky really. Like me, for example, I hardly ever want to pay over £30 for a game nowadays.
    I normally check out Game Trailers reviews, as they're quite in-depth and long, and they recommended the game and I did get it for about £8, so I thought I was in for a real treat.

    Only got two more main story missions to go thankfully.
    dude, just add me on msn, be quicker than the whole Pm thing.
    Seriously!? People are scared of being banned, and people would actually ban others!? That is ridiculously pathetic.

    Yeah, we have the right to be critical of something, I mean, that's why we watch reviews for a start - to see whether something is worth buying or whatever.
    Thanks dude for seeing where I'm coming from with inFamous. Seriously, it annoys the **** out of me.
    I dont know if the whole problem is solved but let me know if there is any more harassment on these boards
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