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    UFC 2010 Boost?

    I need to finish the online trophies asap so I can quickly get rid of this turd. The online game play is broken and super CAFs run the damn game. Im available to play from 11pm-3am every night of the week eastern time. If anyone wants to boost hit me up here
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    Survey I took about MAG

    I took a survey about MAG and it seems there is some DLC on its way priced at $9 and also a MONTHLY subscription option for an extra slot for characters for $.99 per month. The survey was from a third party survey company and not from Sony but it was very specific about MAG and PS3. It also...
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    Brought my Motorstorm PS3 Bundle back from the dead

    A little over 9 months ago I thought my beloved Motorstorm PS3 bit the dust! It would not play any discs (Blu Ray, DVD , or CD) and I was not paying $150 for Sony to "maybe" send me my exact PS3 back, so I let it sit on a shelf. It sat and sat as I used my other PS3 (an 80GB as well but the two...
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    Game Save Question..Need Answer ASAP Please

    Quick question, I know certain game saves are copy protected so this isnt about that. My question is about games like Uncharted (1 & 2). I want to copy these (and a few other unprotcted saves) off my currently not working PS3 to my other perfectly working PS3. My issue is I want to finish the...
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    Any interest in Fist of The North Star?

    I had an old FOTNS game on Sega I think it was....I loved that game! I just came to find out a new next gen game is being released for PS3 & 360. I am hyped about this but I cant find any real solid info about the game. No USA release date and no real screen shots. Anyone got any info?
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    As the title suggests I want to know why every time Sony, MS, or Nintendo do something people begin to cry and b%@ch about it no matter what. How does the Move hurt you or your gaming if you dont want it then dont buy it...why cry about it? Same goes for Natal. It seems like everyone just...
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    Avatar Game free dlc *all platforms*

    Found this and didnt know where to post it and dont really know if its been posted but anyway ^ go there and register for ubisoft and they will give you some DLC for free Merry Xmas
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    Ghostbusters for only $19.78...worth it?

    Amazon has it for all platforms in the deal of the day. I just bought Tekken 6 Limited Edition (one with arcade controller) for only $59 and then I saw this deal. I am thinking I should jump on it. Any thoughts?
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    Best Modnation Racer price period

    I just preordered MNR for only $38.94 + S&H which made it a bit above $41 total. I dont know if this is a mistake or why the price is so low but heres where I got it from Hope some of you may jump...
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    To any that want a Sony extended warranty

    I found this on I wish I would have known about this before my 6 months passed on both my PS3s:x Here is the Link Use quote tags and porvide a link to the source next time ~TwentyThree
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    CoD Classic has me @#@[email protected]#@#@ off!!!

    I am a bit upset...I beat CoD Classic on Veteran. This is a pretty long game. About 26 chapters and to me it was every bit as hard on vet as World at War was. Needless to say, after I beat it on vet I fully expected to have hardened and regular trophies as well....WRONG!:bang: No no in this game...
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    What game to buy??? Suggestions please

    Im lookin to buy myself a game on teh black friday. not real bothered by sale/no sale price. I just dont know what game I want. Im thinking there are no exclusives out right now correct? (Have God of War Collection already). If there are no currently released exclusives then I guess Im looking...
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    Anyone using the Facebook trophy share?

    I just found the facebook app today under account managment and turned on the trophy sharing anyone else using it? If so how does it tell the stories it talks about in the info?
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    CoD Classic has a Platinum

    I got the prestige MW2 and got CoD classic voucher...I looked at the trophies and there is a platinum....I am pleasently surprised by this as I was unaware it was going to have a plat.
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    Sig issue

    my ps3trophycard is f#[email protected]%! Its showing things all crazy. I wanna use my official playstation one but every time i try to embed it it shows as text lines instead of an image...any ideas?