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    Save data problem

    First off, my ps3 wasn't recognising any disc i inserted, so i restored to system default and it then it started working again, however, i went to play mw3, and when it starts it says something along the lines of "wrong save data for user, please delete save data to continue", now, this is...
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    pga problem

    after update 3.61 i have been unable to play pga 2010, it freezes at the load screen after loading save data, i have tried erasing all existing save data and starting again, the disc is well looked after and clean. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and/or the longshot...
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    Leaderboard query

    I dont know if this has already mentioned in previous threads, but my leaderboard is behaving really weirdly, and it seems so for most of my friends, every time i complete a game my kill stat goes up by about 200, one of my friends is only on level 20, and it says he has 40,000+ kills, is this...
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    people getting jacked outside supermarkets all over london

    I was going to go to tescos tonight to pick up a copy of black ops, decided not to go becuase people where camping outside, but, my freind just called me and told me loads of people have been getting mugged for their copies, anyone heard any similar reports??
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    macmini no audio

    I have already posted this on macrumors and was wondering if anyone here could shed any light on my situation, my coreaudio drivers )appleHDA) seem to be missing from my macmini, so i cant hear any audio, even when i go to system profiler>builtin audio there is nothing there, i cant find...
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    problem with aoe3 on mac mini

    I have installed Age of empires 3 on my mac mini but everytime i get to the main menu and select any option (including help and settings) it crashes, this is the terminal script as it happens, Last login: Mon Oct 25 16:03:45 on ttys000 jack-freegards-mac-mini:~ jakshak$ /Applications/Age\...
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    Just saw an advert for enslaved and was wondering if any one has played it and if its worth looking at
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    FF7 Ruby Weapon

    Okay, got every bit of materia apart from the ones you get with gold chocobo... how do i defeat ruby weapon...
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    £250 ($314) super 6 freeroll Sat oct 2nd 17:00 GMT password

    hattrick hey i guessed it so thought id spread it round, the password is allways some thing football (soccer) related. edit: busted out just before the break with 8 blinds left went all in with kk got called by some bozo with A9 and he flopped a flush :(
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    is there a good chocobo guide thread on this forum or does anyone have a link for a good chocobo breeding/racing guide, im too old to figure it all out for myself.... +rep to a good link
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    FF7 revisited

    so i dl'd ff7 from psn because i havent played it in a while and was so dissapointed with 13, i am now on disc 2 before you revisit midgar to fight hojo, just wondering what would be a good level to go into midgar with and if there is any materia i have missed out that anyone would care to...
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    so i play mw2 on the casual, was just playing tdm on invasion went 27/3 no camping just a bunch of noobs and someguy called raggy1000 messages me and says f****** cheating B******, so i messaged him back saying how so, i wasnt boosting, i wasnt camping, then he messaged me back saying "reported...
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    Resurgence uk

    Waited till midnight, resurgence supposed to be put on psn in uk as i was told by my friend who works for scee, but its not there yet :( anyone else see it or is it just me?
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    rdr couple of things

    just completed the story (im about 70% now) liked the ending just a couple of things 1. i want the deadly assassins outfit, ive done everything but catch/kill mo van bar, cant seem to figure that one out, and there are no wanted posters with him on 2. ive tried going online a few times...
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    would you play it?

    would you play anoher installment of broken sword on the ps3 kinda like hard rain style??? i just downloaded scummvm on my mac and played my old copies of bs1 and bs2 and i forgot how good and engaging they were for point and clicks, i think they should do an installment on the ps3, so we can...