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    Unable to connect to a game.

    Hello i was playing online on my PS3 all day today and took a break and now i can't connect to any matches. I tried Uncharted 2 and quit a few other online and they work. I even tried COD4 and it's the same problem. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Just tried COD4 and it's the same issue. Deleted the update...
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    Retail praises Sony's "excellent" PS3 price point

    Hellow everyone am not sure if this has been posted before but i found it today an thought it was an interesting read. Enjoy... It's great to see the slim getting such positive feedback from retailers.;)
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    Is it safe to us the AUS 1.93 on my US PS3?

    I've been tryin to download the 1.93 update since lastnight and i'm still unable to it just keeps freezin at 4%. So i've checked and it's still doesn't have the 1.93 update they still got 1.92. So i checked the AUS site found it an downloaded but is it safe to install it? I ask...
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    Lots of GT5 details

    If you've been itching for some Gran Turismo 5 news to gawk at, let us direct you to a thread over at NeoGAF. Not only are there a lot of great screenshots from the official website, but user Doctor_No took it upon himself (or herself!) to translate the latest Famitsu interview with Polyphony...
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    Microsoft faces second class action lawsuit over scratched discs

    In the second such lawsuit to be filed this month, Microsoft is facing legal class action due to the Xbox 360's reported inclination to scratch game discs. According to InformationWeek, the suit alleges that "Microsoft improperly and/or negligently manufactured the Xbox 360 console in a manner...
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    Kaz Hirai's already makin on impact on the PS3 interms of games.

    Hey guys this is my 1'st Trend, i didnt wanna start one until i hand something important to discuss. My question is this, We all heard the reports from publishers like Rockstar and Ubisoft stating that they contacted Mr. Kuturagi with the intent on giving the PS3 their particular games as...