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    Looking for RPG for beginners.

    Hello, I am new to PS4 with an interest in RPG because I am paralysed from the shoulders down, therefore I operate the character with voice and the camera angels with my chin. With this in mind I am looking for a game which will allow me time to operate the character and have fights with the...
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    Slow paced PS4 games.

    I am paralysed from the shoulders down, therefore I use my voice to control the character on screen and my chin to operate the thumb stick for camera angels. As there is a slight delay before the character moves on the screen, I need to play games that are of a slow nature but still involves...
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    Disabled gamer looking for games.

    Hi I am a new gamer on a PS4, however I am paralysed from the shoulders down. I have found a way to operate the controls on the controller (with my voice) except the right hand thumb stick (the one used to operate the visual rotating camera). Hopefully I will be able to operate the right hand...