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    Spider-Man PS4 has sold more than 13.2 million copies as of July 28th 2019

    Class ,it was a great game Shame there isn't anymore episode DLC for it l.
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    Eurogamer: PS VR is beginning to look like PS Vita

    I hope not the BR is really good
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    Me too ,registered on here back in 08/09 , Forums looked way better then than now IMO
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    Angry Man smashes PS4 to pieces @ Midnight launch A Microsoft Empl..err I mean some Douche bag smashes his PS4 to Pieces not long after getting it :P
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    NFL Star Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys WR) Buys 5 ppl their PS4's @ A Midnight launch Gotta say that was pretty Cool of him to do that.
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    Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Anyone got or Had one ??

    The reason I ask is because my G9X has stopped Working completely and Logitech are offering me a G600 as a warranty Replacement as the G9X series mouse has been Phased out ,so was wondering if they where any Good ?? Looking at the pics of it im not a fan of having multiple buttons on the Side...
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    July EU PS+ (BF3/ Saints Row III/Payday The Hiest/ etc

    looks like another Good Month for PS+ with Ninja Gaiden Sigma & Unit 13 for The VITA games Did MGS & God of War Collections ever make it to EU PS+ ??
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    Just became an Honoury member of the VITA Club

    just got one from Fleabay for 160 quid with 3 games (Uncharted/FIFA /F1 2011) & a 8GB mem card .as I dropped my PSP Go down the toilet when I got home from work last week grr & it wont come back on again so thought id grab a Vita for break times looks really good so far. plus I have a load of...
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    FINALLITY!!! Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition comes to the PC !!!!

    Been playing it lately on PS3 but hopefully it will look better on PC & some good Mods.
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    '24' will 'Live Another Day' in 2014, Fox confirms ugh!! Why ?? just let him stay retired!!
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    Bank Interest @ 0% ?

    So I just went to collect interest on my Points but now it says the interest is at %0 ??
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    Micron’s 320GB/sec Hybrid Memory Cube comes to market in 2013, !! nice to see RAM tech move forward again!!!
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    PC is lead platform for Watch Dogs reveals Ubisoft boss

    Nice hopefully this happens more often with Multi-Plats next Gen
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    Get $10 Back For Every $50 You Spend on PSN