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    Been quite a while...but I'm back!!

    Say it aint so, forum death has hit?
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    Been quite a while...but I'm back!!

    I've been away for some time (only from the PC world and forum browsing)...but have been busy hitting level 405 on R6Siege in the last couple of years. Not sure when my last post was, but now that I am a fiber-optic customer, I decided to start using some forums again -- DSL was a joke (for 11...
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    What time for CST pre-order?

    When will the auto download start for pre-order?
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    Thief pre-order via Amazon....

    I got pre-order of thief on the way, from Amazon, but their site said when I preordered that I would get it on release day, which is tomorrow. I just tracked the shipment and it says ups rescheduled delivery is Wednesday, and it's in Atlanta and coming ups ground. Anyone else seen this and...
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    What about this hard drive?

    I can not do much research from my G2, but I think this drive would work great in ps4...anyone tried one this size? Here is a great deal on the Western Digital Green WD15NPVT 1.5TB IntelliPower 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive ...
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    I got a gripe...BF4 clan "tryout"...

    OK...I understand a clan that "tests" new people to see how they perform in-game, to see what they can do, and are capable of...but let's look at my playing "style" for a minute... Assault: 46,000 - enough to unlock defib...that's all I played it. Enginer: 150 - a WHOPPING 150 points...I don't...
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    Ps4 no games the last two weeks? Or just me?

    I've been waiting on something to drop on psn for two weeks now...And nothing has come out unless I've missed it...I see nothing on this week's update for ps4 at all, am I right? I'm ready for something new... Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
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    Don't Starve General Discussion | Winter is Coming

    Has anyone found themselves unable to download Don't Starve on ps4? I've tried both with computer and via my ps4 in the store, neither one shows me an option to download it. Other games download fine tho, Got pinball last week, no problem. Sent from my GT-P5210 using Tapatalk
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    PS4 // PSN problem (messages)

    So..I'm sure most of us who owned a PS3 likely still do, and may not plan to rid ourselves of it just yet (I know I plan on keeping BOTH Playstation 3 consoles and my PS4)... I found a huge problem this morning that Sony needs to fix: Since being on the PS4, I'd say I've sent/received 100...
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    Please BF4 with me...Tired of crap players

    I've tried the "I need sum friends" thread in hopes to find people who BF4 and team-up...but only a couple came from here's a shiny, new thread all it's own to ask... Can sumwon pweeese pway wif me in the baddelfeels? All kidding's like when I set a filter to Squad DM and...
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    When do we see the performance we paid so much for?

    We all know that lots of games you can get as launch titles on both new consoles are also available on last generation...which begs the question "how much work was put into titles like BF4, ghosts, FIFA, etc "??? I mean, those games can't be pushing the new generation too hard, so when do we get...
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    1.08 patch live --- addresses???

    Anyone know anything about this update? I can't find out anything about it, not even on the support site. still shows the Feb 19 update info...nothing about an update tonight (or released on 3/11 - 3/12)
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    Sony Pulse Elite gaming headset (set-up)

    So, after a year of my Turtle Beach...dropped...snatched...wire tugged on finally took it's toll on the headset..and also taught me a lesson -----> I needed wireless. Wires get in the way when gaming (especially with an INFANT daughter around...having to move quickly sometimes...
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    *PS3 Tech problem* Front power/eject button issue

    Does anyone know a way to work-around the buttons on the front of the older PS3 (the "fat"?)... I'm not sure what happened to mine, but I'm sure that the front buttons are ruined. My niece has probably spilled juice (apple or something) on the front, and the buttons don't work at all. The PS3...
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    Posting turned off - Tech Area

    I noticed when I tried to post a new thread in the Tech Area that there's no posting new thread buttons... there's no button in here to post a new thread, so I'm going to post in the ps3 area...since I'm a little short on time and probably will have to get my daughter a bottle in just a...