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    New xbox one owner here :)

    Hey guys, My primary console is the PS4 but I could not pass on the xbox one and tv deal for $500 at best buy in america. So I am now an xbox one owner. Any game recommendations for the xbox one?
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    Why did PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale BOMBED? LAYOFFS announced The developer behind the game is announcing layoffs. no , it's not funny when people lose their jobs so i hope those affected will latch on with another company soon. Yeah, that brings up the question of the thread. I thought PS all...
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    PS3 has TOO many games...

    can SONY slow it down a little bit? there's too many games and exclusives coming out for the ps3 now and the future and i'm afraid i can't keep up. there's so many hardcore games coming out for it. somebody please help me... :razz:
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    The Dual Shock 3 that comes with the new PS3 slims are better than old ones

    I just got myself a 160gb slim and the dual shock 3 that came with it feels so much better than my old dual shock 3. it's not really a black color but a black grayish kinda dark charcoal color. it has a lot of rubber grip on the analog sticks and the sticks themselves feels tighter. it's better...
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    How do you desync a controller if you have multiple PS3s?

    I have a 60gb model in my room and i have a slim in my living room. say if someone wants to use the slim in the living room than how do i make sure when it's turn on by the controller, it doesn't turn on the 60gb model in my room? i think that would involve desyncing a controller from a ps3...
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    How do you play your RPGs?

    I like to lay down on a bed or couch with the controller resting just above my stomach. i usually cross my legs. then i turn my head towards the tv and game away. when i feel tired i take a nap. i usually do this on a lazy saturday or sunday afternoon. in game i like to explore everything, talk...
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    I'm not good at first person shooters and it's frustrating

    i like battlefield 3 but i'm not to good at it. my last game i had 27 kills and 60 deaths. i don't get how people are so damn good at this game. how the hell do people line up the target with their thumbs so fast and accurate? also i think unlocking weapons are dumb. all weapons should be...
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    PSvita issues!

    have you been hacking it or something. ;)
  9. J doesn't work no more?

    it doesn't redirect me to psu anymore. i had that bookmarked. i thought the forums was down until i tried for those that remember this forum used to be called ps3forums for original members like myself.
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    For those that got banned on PSN

    were you able to still download psn games you brought and paid for? i'm afraid if i get banned i might lost access to my psn games i paid for.
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    How do you turn on the wireless stereo headset?

    i glanced at the manual and its says virtual sound on/off button. i pressed the button but the headset won't turn on. where is the button to turn on the headset? i've been wasting an hour trying to get this thing to work.
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    Homebrew programs you expect to see on the Vita

    Let's face it. the vita will be hacked. sony always fail at protecting their systems and vita will be no different. just imagine the homebrew possibilities. i'm already drooling at the thought. -I'd like to see a ps2 emulator. if the psp can run ps1 emulation the vita should be able to do ps2...
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    What's the main lesson Sony learnt from the PSP?

    piracy. it was too easy to hack the system and let people out stuff on memory sticks. i think for the NGP ditching memory sticks and going with their own memory cards was a great move. games wasn't the problem with the psp. it had plenty of AAA games.
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    Mass Effect 3 Debut Trailer getting this for ps3. :cool:
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    Possible DIY fix for the freezing issues in PS3 Fallout 3 GOTY Edition

    I don't own Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, but I do own regular Fallout 3. The freezing issues I heard about have kept me away from the GOTY edition but I came across a possible do it yourself fix and it seems to work for a lot of people. Now I will be picking up the game since I love to be back in the...