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    What games should Sony create for PS VR?

    PlayStation Home. They need a free, sosial app that can keep vr-owners invested in strapping a piece of plastic to their head, even if there are no games they are interested in at any given time.. Dungeon Keeper and more god-simulators. Gladiator fighting. (Would be instant system seller)...
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    Nosulus Rift - The next Revolution in VR As featured by South Park: The Fractured But Whole
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    Arkham VR Impressions by EZA

    1-team studio Rocksteady has spent the last year on a full fledged Batman VR game. Here are impressions presented by former Gametrailers personalities, Easy Allies:
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    Six commonly asked questions about PSVR answered

    Title says it all - found a neat video for anyone curious:
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    My thoughts on the Final Fantasy series' legacy and future

    Why does renewing the series have to equal moving away from a strategic, deep battles, open for timely and thought out decision making, and towards real-time combat? Why move away from party controls and over to single hero control scheme? Why try to translate games to both japanese and...
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    Bloodborne Review "FIXED", Gametrailers 2016

    Seems the unavoidable happened and Ben Moore and revised their review and score to reflect Fromsoftware's dedicated effort - To bring in Bloodborne their best game possible and perhaps the best rpg and horrorgame OP has experienced in his 27 years of gaming...
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    Odd World New N Tasty is cross buy (was PS4 PS+ title)

    Nice! - I got that same handheld cradle.
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    Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

    Just release back-strap for the Ps4, Morpheus and a battery. Do it Sony!
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    How are you affected by Windows 10 'opt-out' scheme?

    For example: opting to schedule restarts upon windows updates? (opting out of them being automatic). I'm installing win10 on family's computers (which is taking a long time due to updating windows 7), so I'm interested in hearing your experiences.
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    Little too late? Vita just got abit more powerful...

    I know the overpriced proprietary cards were the reason I never bought one. Finally about a year ago I bought on used, but never really used it much. I just enjoy my plasma tv too much.
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    Monty Oum passed away

    I got to know him from his Dead or Alive/Final Fantasy fighting choreography videos on Gametrailers. GT editorial:
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    Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition!

    I've just deleted it - it's aged pretty bad.
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    CD Project ready to wow with The Witcher 3 gameplay Source:
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    Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition!

    How many RPGs does it take to give it to a Battlelord up the ass? Anyone? Grrr..