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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    I've played through most of it with a friend. He is as big of a god of war fan as I am and decided to go ahead and purchase it. The overall presentation is top notch as only Santa Monica can do. I've no problem with that. The core of the game is very different which is where I take my leave...
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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    I preferred the series being an action game instead of a RPG-lite. Combat is off-putting with how slow it is. Unnecessary loot collecting to pad the length of the game as well an overly melodramatic story uncharacteristic of Kratos. I'll take the over-the-top action with giant fantastical...
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    Find a PS4 Kiosk Near You None in my area so far. :sad:
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    New Proud Owner

    I understand what you are saying. As other people have said, a stellar game is a stellar game. Port or not. I need to get Muramasa: The Demon Blade now that it is out. I hear that is a great game as well.
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    New Proud Owner

    Not really a port when they add new content and even a new character. Still there are other great games...Gravity Rush for one.
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    Excellent Video

    I completely agree. Every gamer should watch this. One of his serious videos. Excellent.
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    CBOAT E3 Update Sony can pretty much do three things to stop me from buying a PS4. Any one will suffice. 1. Any kind of required console check-in. 2. Required camera and usage. 3. Paywall for online play. I buy my consoles Sony, not rent them.
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    So I bought a Vita (Impressions)

    I recommend Soul Sacrifice. It is awesome!
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    Muramasa: Rebirth

    Definitely getting this.
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    Persona 4 Golden is the highest-rated Vita game

    Just put some hours into P4 over the Christmas holiday. I must say that this game is freaking awesome. I can't believe that I've been missing this gem of a series. My only question is why haven't they been making games like this all generation? :lol: This game is addictive.
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    PDP Vita case - Triggers. With Pics.

    definitely going to have get one of these. Does anyone else also think that this is what the PS4 controller will look similar to? I can see Sony using an OLED screen in them.
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    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune - debut trailer

    Card games go perfectly on a handheld. If this has the depth of Alteil then it is worth it. I'll definitely dip at $5.
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    PS+ Vita coming with 2.0 update - game details within

    Awesome as can be. But I have too many games now. :cry:
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    NFS: MW might be the best damn Vita game out there!

    Loving the game so far. One minus from me, why no cops on the multiplayer side?