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    Headset question

    Does anyone here have experience with the Sony Gold Wireless headphones (99 bucks) Im deciding between getting a pair of these or the Turtle Beach Ear Force P12 Headset (69 bucks)
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    Bravely Default

    does anyone here play? I just started and am loving this game but need friends my NFC is 3926-6379-9966
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    Watch Dogs season pass

    is anybody getting it? The guy asked me if i wanted it when i payed off my Watch Dogs preorder yesterday and i almost did...but is it really worth it?
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    Question about buying a 3ds

    Well im a Playstation man (PS4/Vita) but im thinking about getting a have another hand held since my gf likes to have the Vita and i dont want a Wii U since i have the PS4...was wondering what the differences were in the the 3DS...or 3DS XL?.i was looking at a refurbished...
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    Thinking about getting a laptop

    So I'm thinking about getting a new laptop..the one i have is pretty much done and old...So i figured i'f i get a new laptop i want something that can play most game/new games that come out..So i was wondering if you guys had anything in mind...i really don't want to spend over 1200 bucks though lol
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    Battlefield 3 issue

    Has anyone who has this game played in a match..quit the match and then your screen just says loading in the bottom right corner for this a i not waiting long enough? what's going on here.
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    Wanting to get into Assassins Creed

    So i used to play Assassins Creed a LONG time long ago i cant remember if i beat 1 and 2 (although i know i beat one of them or maybe both) so im trying to get back into it...i was thinking about getting the Assassins Creed Ezio guys think thats a good idea?
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    Maybe a little help?

    I've been flirting with playing this game, on and off for the last couple months, theres just so much stuff that i cant get into it like i want to...was just wondering how often do you guys play or are there like any guides out there to help get used to the game? i wanna get into it but its so...
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    Quick question on game decision

    So i've been playing alot of Madden lately (alot of sports games in general) and i just wanna switch it up with something different...So i've narrowed my games down to Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Island...and maybe Darksiders (with the eye on playing Darksiders 2)....So what do you guys think...
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    PSP Go or Vita

    Someone wants to sell me a PSP Go for 100 bucks but im not sure if i wanna do it...I want a Vita but i'd take the Go if it's worth it..what do you guys think?
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    My roomate has a psp and it was workin perfectly until its like every game he puts in the whole psp freezes and wont work at all..without a game it runs thinking it may be the laser..anyone else have any ideas?
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    Question about refurbished xbox's from gamestop

    has anyone purchased a xbox360 refurb from gamestop themselves and if so how did it hold up? bout to buy a 360 but wanna save money if i can lol if not ill just go ahead and buy a brand new one.
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    Has anyone seen this movie and if so did you like it? One of my lady-friends dragged me to see this movie and i still have deep scratches in my arm. I personally didnt find it that scary and thought it was ok