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    Sony PlayStation E3 conference 'worldwide' timings!

    For the different timezones: All times for the conference are on July 11th, except when noted. North America: - HADT (GMT -9.00): 9.30am - AKDT (GMT -8.00): 10.30am - PDT ( GMT -7.00): 11.30am - MDT (GMT -6.00): 12.30pm - CDT (GMT -5.00): 13.30pm - EDT (GMT -4.00): 14.30pm - ADT (GMT -3.00)...
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    Why are all these Warner Bros titles on HD-DVD only?

    I was just thinking, but why are all ( well lots of them ) those movies from Warner Bros only out on HD-DVD? Warner Bros supports both formats right?...
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    Gran Turismo Vision/5 trailers from E3 2k5 and TGS 2k5 needed

    Well the title explains itself. I would really like to see those trailers again. I did find one of them , the one from E3 2k5 ( I know it's CG, but w/e ) : First trailer on the page, so the official E3 2k5 trailer. I would really like to...
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    Wireless connection between PSP and PS3

    Today I tried to connect my PSP with my PS3 again, but it still doesn't work ( tried to connect my psp a few days ago also ). I reset the remote control settings with my psp-ps3, then put the PS3 on remote control mode...and then I tried to go on the internet. Unfort. that didn't work, I keep...
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    New Final Fantasy for PSP!

    It looks like the PSP is getting some more SE love! :) Awesome! I can't wait for this Square Enix party... Link
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    Killzone Liberation download pack on May 21???!! It doesn't come from a familiar source, so I don't know if it's true or not...but it definitely sounds awesome! :) Let's hope we will indeed get all these things in the dl content package!
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    Official Champions League 2006/2007 thread

    The Champions League first semi-final match will be played next tuesday. The remaining teams this year are: - Chelsea FC - Manchester United - AC Milan - Liverpool What team do you think will win the Uefa Champions League this year? will update the thread...
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    Signature request, reward: 10,000 points

    Requirements for the signature: - Based on Pirates of the Caribbean 3, so use pictures from the trailer. Do not use pictures from the first 2 movies. - It would be kool to have some characters in the signature. - A matching avatar. - Must be unique. - It would be nice if you used the POTC: At...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 3 trailer finally here!

    Enjoy! I can't wait to see this movie :D
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    Splinter Cell female character design!

    The first ever 2 images of the exclusive female character in Splinter Cell: Double Agent for PS3 have been released. Check them out here: :)
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    New Motorstorm images!

    Check them out here: This is definately a must have title for all PS3 owners! :)
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    God of War 2 boxart!

    This might be one of the last killer games coming to the PS2, this is a must have for all Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 owners: God of War 2 boxart is here:
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    Matrix & Harry Potter Films Coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray...

    Good news for HD-DVD, Harry Potter and Matrix are 2 major franchises! I wonder what Warner Bros will release on Blu-ray...I hope HP and Matrix will be for Blu-ray as well. Link They come to Blu-ray: Source: IGN Also see some topics above.
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    BD region coding.

    I am thinking to let my dad take a PS3 with him from America, when he goes to LA in May. I just got a Blu-ray movie: Tears of the Sun. But ofcourse it's region coded to the region: B. Is there any way to make your PS3 region free for Blu-Ray movies?
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    Official Sony CES website launched!

    Sony had launched their CES teaser website like 2 weeks ago. Now the site is up and running. Check it out right now: :arrow I hope they will have some more Playstation stuff this year than last year. :) Enjoy!