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    Could Gaikai be used to deliver PS4 demos to PS3

    Obviously they would be of reduced quality compared to running on the actual console, but I think Sony could potentially use Gaikai to give PS3 owners a taste of PS4 gaming. It would not only be a really cool why of showcasing the PS4 and its games, but also a excellent way to introduce Gaikai...
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    Unreleased Games

    I was just thinking of times in the past when magazines have claimed a unlikely game was being released and its never got past that point. I can recall 3 examples, all for the PS1. Donkey Kong Country was in a rumours section of PLAY i think which would surely have been impossible. I also...
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    Unreal Engine PS3 Optimization Bad News For 360?

    After hearing the recent news regarding the unreal engine being optimized for the PS3 I think it could be a key moment in the 'console war'. The 360 best looking game has been Gears Of War for nearly a year now, Bioshock is better (in my opinion) but even if you disagree they both use the Unreal...
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    Drum alternative in Rock Band

    Wouldn't it be good, if as a money saving ploy, Rock Band had the option on an on screen drum kit that can be used with the PSeye/eyetoy so you could use your hands to hit the correct drum beat. They could even release specially coloured drum sticks. As some may have noticed I've been thinking...
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    Thought about new Eyetoy

    I was just thinking about the XMB (as I often do when I'm lonely) I had a thought. Do you think you'll be able to control it with the PSEYE? How cool would it be if your friends where round and you were selected movies/music Minority Report style. It would be very cool, and i think it is...
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    Metriod: No online multiplayer

    I cant believe it. They've dropped the ball leaving this out.
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    KillZone Info

    As some may know I used to work at Sony, and I was speaking to a friend still there last night, trying to get some details out of him over a few pints. Now he isn't working on Killzone 2 but he's been told and shown a few things. Here's what he said; 1. He seen a gameplay video. Graphically he...
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    Sick of games looking better on 360

    I own both PS3 and 360 and I havent bought any PS3 games since launch day, which was over 3 months ago. I was looking forward to getting the Darkness on PS3, as I assumed it would be the best version. Now I find its not quite as good looking as the 360 version. The differences seem to be minor...
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    God Of War to unlock CPU

    Going to use the full 333 Mhz! Quality!!
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    Manhunt 2 BANNED

    Not getting released! Import for me!
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    Manhunt 2 BANNED in the UK

    I cant believe it!
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    God Of War for PS3 not even started yet

    Seems production hasn't started on GOW III yet Sad? Me too. Lets hope their in the design stage at least.
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    Folklore Info

    Just a little bit of news on Folklore, but I should get a bit more specific details later. The game is at least 40 hours for a play through, and this is from a seasoned game player so for your average joe it would be a little longer. Also my contact tells me its amazing. I should have more...
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    Thought about New Wii

    Hi guys. I've always had a problem with how the Wii's graphics aren't 'Next Gen', but i'm even more concerned that in 3 years time it will look even worse by comparison. But I had a thought. With the low price point of the Wii, do you think nintendo could step away from the 6 year cycle of...
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    Help with Upscaling DVD's on 360

    Howdo folks, I know you can upscale DVD's on the 360 using a VGA cable, but do you need to have HD-DVD addon to do this, or can I do it without. Cheers.