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    Bluetooth Installation

    I was able to register and connect my Jabra bt500 but when I go to the COD 4 lobby the microphone symbol doesn't show up next to my name. The bluetooth device just blinks every 2 seconds at this point, can someone help me out, thanks.
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    Konami ID

    I have been trying to register for this but it won't let me, anyone know when I will be able to. It took about 5 hours to dl the freaking beta and now this.
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    Dualshock 3 question

    so its been 14 business days since I ordered it from playasia and still nothing. How do I cancel it and just get my money back? Since its already out I am just going to go to a store and get it.
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    DualShock 3 question

    How long does it take to get here from Playasia, I ordered it last friday.
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    COD4 Online

    How does this worldwide ranking system work, I have a far better record then some people that are ahead of me. I have 553 kills and 488 deaths and the guy with 400 kills and 800 deaths is ahead of me. Someone please explain this to me.
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    Hdtv Grain

    how do I turn this Grain feature off?
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    Killzone 2

    After playing COD 4 I was wondering how many fps will Killzone 2 be and will it have a running feature. I think its mandatory that it has a running feature especially after playing Resistance online after playing COD 4. I am like why the heck am I just walking slowly while getting shot at and...
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    EPIC working on another IP for Sony king05 - please can you provide some words too? There is a 25 character/5 word minimum rule. ~rikwakefield
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    PS3 backward compatibility

    does anyone have the list of what ps2/ps1 games work because I tried playing FF9 and it was fine but I couldn't save. I already have the "memory cards" installed for each system, can anyone help me?
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    Shadow of the colossus

    has the sequel been announced for PS3 yet?