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    Suggest me a Psp SRPG for the VITA---URGENT!!!!

    Jeanne d'Arc , FF tacticts and Tactics Ogre. Jeanne d'Arc must look great on the vita screen, fantastic game. Nothing else needs to be said about FFT and Tactics Ogre, you should have played those games already!
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    New DOA 5 video, Virtua Fighter character included !!

    Just saw this on Youtube: Not sure if they're adding more VF characters or just Akira. This new DOA game is not looking bad at all, looks like they're making an effort to change things a bit.
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    Call of Duty coming to Vita this year

    If they can port the ps3 version with minor compromises and cross play, then it's a #gamechanger no doubt.
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    Sony Discount 3G Vita in Japan

    Dindn't 3ds only start to sell well after a massive price drop? It's a start but they need monster hunter and a price drop to really get things started. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD bundled with Vita and a price drop is the only way they're moving a significant number of units anytime soon...
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    Can't we Play ONLINE MULTIPLAYER with 3G? Is WiFi a Must??

    Dont you have a router in your house? You can use your own home connection.
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    Is ULTIMATE Marvel V/S Capcom 3 VITA worth Buying? What Online Modes does it have?

    Can you play the Multiplayer on vita against people on the ps3 with this game?
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    Have PS Vita questions? I may have an answer

    Yeah most games will use the analog sticks, my only concern is for fighters like Marvel vs Capcom, wich i was very interested in getting, the d-pad is really a must and on the psp's d-pad it was hard execute certain motions. Thanks to all who left their input on the d-pad, and if anyone tried...
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    New PS Vita Ad

    Did i say that? I said i wouldn't, and for me it doesn't look like a very good comercial. They show the vita for like what, 2 seconds? I's a beast of a handheld, that's what they need to be showing. This just like game trailer's that only show CGI, for me it always looks like a trap. Sorry for...
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    New PS Vita Ad

    Would you buy a system based on that comercial? I sure as hell wouldn't.
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    Have PS Vita questions? I may have an answer

    Damn it! This was exactly what i was going to ask... Does anyone know if sony is planning to make it compatible in the future? One other thing, how's the dpad on vita? Is it better than the psp's? I couldn't play fighter's on it very well, it wasn't as good as the one on DS controllers.
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    Sony sinking $50 million on Vita marketing

    At least it's better than this: Altough the ad campaign is coming a bit to late and 50M is not really that much considering what MS usually spends. Just for comparasion, Microsoft spend about 500M advertising kinnect and Nintendo 200M with Wii's launch...
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    what should i get vita or ipad 2 or 3

    Playing on a touch screen has been one of my worst experiences ever as a gamer, so if it's for gaming, then ps vita all the way! Bought a tegra 2 LG thinking i could play all kinds of great games and thinking mobile gaming was gonna be the next big thing...big mistake, what a waste of money...
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    Ps Vita Sold 15k Last week

    Are the new numbers out yet? I'm curious to see if the rpg's helped sales last week.